In addition to G5, there are no famous universities in the UK

The popularity of British graduate schools has long been a cliche, both in terms of UCAS data and anecdotal evidence of the growing popularity of British schools.So how to choose a British university?When it comes to good universities, China is known as “985” and “211”, and the United States has “Ivy League”. When it comes to British universities, G5 must be on the list.However, there are only five universities in G5, and it is also very difficult to “oxsword”. Apart from G5, is there any level of British universities to refer to?In fact, apart from G5, the University group company in The UK is no less famous than the “Ivy League”, which is the university group company with the largest degree of recognition in the UK and internationally — the Russell University Group — basically means a high level of British cultural education and even global cultural education.The Russell Group of companies was founded in 1994, and Frederick university is famous for the fact that the leaders of the original twenty colleges and universities are fixed every spring in Frederick’s restaurant near London City Square.At present, the Russell Group of universities consists of 24 world-class scientific and research universities in the UK, covering the “red brick universities” in the higher ranking, and is the world’s leading university alliance that has produced more Nobel Prize winners.Thus, the university group company is also known as “Britain’s Ivy League”, which means the first tier of British universities.Although it only accounts for 10% of the number of higher vocational education organizations in the UK, it receives more than 65% of the research expenses of the universities in the UK and produces more than 60% of the top research achievements in the UK.According to the report, graduates from 24 Russell Group universities earned 33,500 yuan five years later, about 40% higher than those from other Universities in the UK.Today’s Russell Group includes: 6 golden Triangle universities: University of Cambridge, Oxford University of English, Imperial College London, University College London, London School of Economics and Political Science, King’s College London, 6 red-brick universities:The university of Manchester, The University of Bristol, the University of Sheffield, the University of Leeds, the University of Dortmund, the University of BirminghamLondon, United Kingdom, queen Mary college, university of Nottingham, university of Southampton, Newcastle university, the university of Warwick, durham university, the university of Exeter, Stirling university general, global each country of the Russell group member colleges or very identity, the group owns a large ratio of popular international school students, it is the direction of your school?Here are a few more.The university of Manchester, and university college London More Chinese students studying abroad Although not the G5, the school, but because like UCL, how to choose major general, enrollment students around the world, the overall threshold is not easy to apply for to deal with the difficulty coefficient is very high, and the ranking has been stable in the UK local need, therefore more applicants, especially in mainland China.In contrast to mainland students, ucL and Durham are the two fredricks most visited by students from Taiwan and Hong Kong.Students in Hong Kong, in particular, are equally keen on UCL, and institutions such as Durham are well suited to their aesthetic appeal, after all, the collegiality, the historic house of Hogwarts, may be attractive.Edinburgh and Oxford are the two universities where most American students go to Edinburgh.Edinburgh, in particular, is very popular among students in North America. The scientific research level of Edinburgh is second only to that of Oxford English University, Cambridge University and University College London.The London school of economics and graduated from university five years compensation according to the bureau of laboratory synergy BBC largest university graduated from the university laboratory data information, graduated from university five years later, the London school of economics and the university graduates pay the biggest, next is the Oxford English, university of Cambridge, the university of st George’s college London.Despite several colleges and universities, above 24 also has a lot of well-known institutions of higher learning, such as: very top business schools University of Warwick university of Warwick and the university of Oxford English, Cambridge university, the London school of economics, imperial college and university college London and nine big investment Banks in the world in the six school of overall goals.Warwick Business School has been described as one of the best business schools in the UK, ranking in the top five in the UK and the top 30 globally in various popular rankings.Founded in 1451, the University of Glasgow is the fourth oldest university in the English-speaking world.It has produced seven Nobel Prize winners, two British presidents and four founders of universities.In financial accounting and finance, dentistry, drama performance, folk dance and film aesthetics, social psychology, medicine, medical care, fitness and sports science and rationality, pet doctor and other technical majors are ranked the top.One of the golden triangle famous university At king’s college London and the university of Oxford English at king’s college London, university of Cambridge university, university college London, imperial college London and the London school of economics and is called the golden triangle famous university, is the school rules, one of the largest famous university students were laughing is called “the king’s men/women”.The University of Birmingham received a royal Charter from Queen Victoria in 1900.The University of Sheffield Business School is the first business school in the UK to be triple accredited by AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS.The School of Engineering at the University of Bristol is known as the “UK Empire of Engineering Projects”.Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill once served as a university superintendent at Bu.The Top 10 technical disciplines in the Guardian’s ranking are veterinary medicine, social work, public policy and management methods, pharmacy and pharmacy, hydrology, and human anatomy and Physiology.To learn more

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