How did communists celebrate the Spring Festival in 1949?MAO Zedong received MIgaoyang, Hangzhou underground party to send cards, Jiang Sister in prison to organize the party……

Firecrackers sound farewell to the old year, and the wind to welcome the New Year.In a twinkling of an eye, the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival is coming.If we can travel back in time to 1949, to the eve of the Chinese Revolution’s national victory.Those communists who are about to usher in the dawn, how is the New Year?What are the secret details of their New Year’s story?On the early morning of the second day of the first lunar month on January 30, 1949, a Soviet military plane landed slowly at Shijiazhuang Airport in Hebei province.A few moments later, a foreigner in a round hat and a crewneck fur coat came down the gangway. He was Stalin’s special envoy and a member of the Politburo of the Soviet Communist Party.At that time, with the smooth progress of the liberation war, the senior leaders of the two parties urgently needed a direct and full communication.However, as the Kuomintang government formally maintained a friendly alliance with the Soviet Union, in order to prevent American and Chiang reactionaries from taking the opportunity to incite trouble, this visit was classified as a top secret, except for the senior leaders of the two parties.During mgoyan’s mysterious trip to China, he held secret meetings with MAO Zedong and other Communist leaders for seven days, giving Stalin and the Communist leaders a full picture of the development of the Chinese revolution and securing valuable international support for the new communist regime.Migaoyang (right 2) in Xibaipo Zhejiang Hangzhou: Underground party actively strive for the middle force of the Spring Festival in 1949, known as “heaven on earth” said hangzhou, the Communist Party of China underground party is cheering secretly for the people’s Liberation Army’s successive victories.Hangzhou at that time, although ostensibly under the control of the Kuomintang authorities, but in the night before dawn, there were already sparks of fire.As president Zhu Kezhen spoke out against the reactionary rule of the authorities, zhejiang University attracted a large number of Communist party members and progressive students.The Hangzhou Working Committee, for example, was based in the home of Zhong Boxi, a zhejiang University student who later became mayor of Hangzhou.During the Spring Festival, in order to make full use of the opportunity and unite all the forces that can be united, hangzhou working Committee bought all kinds of envelopes and wrote down more than 100 greeting cards in imitation of song style, which were mainly distributed to social eminent persons in Hangzhou, such as Zhu Kezhen and Su Buqing.On the one hand, he paid New Year’s greetings to them, on the other hand, he secretly included MAO Zedong’s New Year’s message, “To the end of the Revolution,” promoting the Communist Party’s urban policies.This for our party to win the middle force, the successful liberation of Hangzhou play a certain role.On May 3, 1949, Hangzhou was liberated, and the people lined the streets to welcome the PLA into the city Refuse Pit in Chongqing:Special “Spring Festival Party” On The Spring Festival of 1949, in the Refuse Pit prison, known as the “evil pit on Earth,” more than 200 arrested underground Party members secretly organized a special “Spring Festival Party,” which fully displayed the Communists’ indomitable fighting spirit and fearless revolutionary optimism.Although the prison conditions were extremely difficult, they could not stop the enthusiasm of people to celebrate the victory of the revolution.They use red liquid medicine in small pieces of papyri draw bright red star or sickle hammer, write blessing and encouragement words, make “New Year card”;Will pick up the waste toothbrush handle with stones to knock, grinding on the ground, “processing” out of each heart;After working day and night, we also made a red flag embroidered with a five-pointed star.A still from the movie “Eternal Life in Fire” and the popular song “Embroider the Red Flag” were also based on the story to use the time spent in prison to celebrate the Spring Festival.The comrades sang the Song of Integrity, the Internationale and the Day in the liberated Areas is a bright day, expressing their long-suppressed revolutionary pride.In the “Spring Festival couplets” link, they are carefully pasted homemade Spring Festival couplets.Because of the spy surveillance, the joint words were relatively implicit, but behind the scenes, everyone understood: the Kuomintang was collapsing, and the era of the people as masters of their own affairs was coming.For example, the women’s prison couplet: only a few months in the cave, the world has been a thousand years, Hengpi: reverse the universe;Floor 2 room couplet: look at the old scene in the cave, look out of the window is the New Year, Hengpi: No sweet without sweat……Refuse Pit prison special “Spring Festival Party” above were the Chinese Communists’ Spring Festival fragments at the decisive moment of 1949.After 28 years of bloody fighting, all the Communists are looking forward to, look forward to, are in the establishment of a new regime, the arrival of a new world and unremitting struggle.Although some of these comrades died before dawn, the light of their spirit will always shine and inspire us to stay true to our roots and forge ahead.Source: wechat public number “View of secrecy” Editor: Liu Haibo Review: Pei LAN final review: Kong Ping

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