Chenzhou overseas Chinese played a significant role in fighting the epidemic

“Hello, please bring your ID card tomorrow morning to do nucleic acid test.””Health code, travel card, please.”…Since February 15, the chenzhou overseas Chinese went down to the communities of Beihu District to carry out epidemic prevention propaganda, household survey and order maintenance with the community staff, and sent materials worth more than 10,000 yuan to the communities.On February 15, Chenzhou city reported two confirmed cases of COVID-19 among returnees from Hong Kong.After the outbreak of the epidemic, the Chenzhou Federation of Overseas Chinese and the City association of Overseas Chinese returnees immediately issued a recruitment order for volunteers for epidemic prevention and control, and more than 20 volunteers signed up one after another to participate in the epidemic prevention and control work in The Tongxin Community of Beihu Street.During the day, at the nucleic acid test site, the overseas Chinese in Chenzhou and the community staff maintained the queue order, reminded the residents to prepare the health code and travel card, and popularized the knowledge of epidemic prevention, which effectively improved the collection efficiency of the medical staff.In the evening, they worked with community workers to conduct “knock on doors”, screening migrants and working together to build a tight defense line for epidemic prevention and control, fully demonstrating the social responsibility of overseas Chinese.Editor: Deng Jinqiu

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