2022.2.17 Entertainment: Deng Lun, Xiao Zhan, Song Yaxuan, Cheng Xiao, Zhang Jin, Wang Junkai

1. Deng Lun will cooperate with Tomson Behealth next, and the materials have been shot.2, Youku TV series “The Red Sea Operation Dragon Attack” director: Gao Xixi “Three Kingdoms” and “Armageddon”, intended to invite the leading actors: Ou Hao/Yi Yangqianxi (1 of 2), Zhang Yi, Hai Qing.3, Zhejiang TV variety show “Three Teenagers” recording: Song Yaxuan, Tang Jiuzhou, He Yunchen, Shen Teng and Yang Di.4. Lisa will cooperate with Chivas next, and the materials have been auctioned.5. The TV drama “Our Marriage” starring Bai Baihe and Tong Dawei is tentatively scheduled to be broadcast on Tencent Video on February 21.6. “Paradox of Speed”, Mango TV Monsoon Theater starring: Cherry Ke, James, Xiyi Zheng.Cheng Xiao will cooperate with Master Kong ice tea next, and the materials have been auctioned.Gike Junyi will be on the cover of Grazia magazine next, material has been shot.9. The leading actors of Mango TV Monsoon Theater silent Testimony are zhang Jin and Gao Hanyu.10. The TV series Dear Child starring Qin Hao and Ren Suxi is tentatively scheduled to be broadcast on IQiyi in March.Two, entertainment q&A: Pop pop, hello, why zhang Jin doesn’t make TV series?CAI Shaofen in the mainland after the circle, Zhang Jin also with last year’s stage performance in the variety circle, and, the couple and Mango side, the relationship has been maintained good.Zhang Jin is a martial arts background, acting is not poor, appearance level is also online, but his brokerage company is Hong Kong, more resources or in Hong Kong circle, and is based on film, TV drama this respect, dabbling-less, also does not conform to his person set.”Suit thugs” this identity, is just to open the market soon, the mainland drama for him is not much, comedy?Theme battle?Foundation?It doesn’t fit him. It’s too strong to force a role on him.Just think, Zhang Jin appeared in mahua happy film, is a minute out of the play.Zhang Jin and CAI Shaofen, temporarily or with mango cooperation, variety open, follow-up, will go network drama wind, Mango there has given him a suspense theme book, not a big male hero, one of the leading actors, the probability will pick up, try the mainland market.1. Yang Mi is not as anxious as she was last year to be admitted to the group. She is slowing down the pace of work on purpose, choosing a book well, and also considering whether to make a transition.2. At present, Wang Junkai is still working alone in the studio, and some film resources are also contacted by himself.As for the net rumors have capital want to sign him, and then let him fight with four characters, this credibility is not very high.His head was clear, and he was more cautious now that capital was competing for him.3, Zhang Yixing is a person who calls everyone eldest brother, but when he meets Hou Hongliang at noon, he actually calls him uncle directly, but Hou Hongliang still likes this title.Bai Baihe is out of good movie resources, so she re-entered the TV circle.Pan Yuoming has been losing weight, but has not been effective, looking not so thin, mainly because he can not shut up, will carry the team to steal some food.6, Wu Qian divorce this thing to her team happy, but also went out to celebrate wu Qian divorce, Wu Qian but Hua Ce holding flowers, because of marriage and children disrupted the company’s arrangements, now the company’s resources are not very concerned, Wu Qian has ideas to find a new home.7, now many artists will insist on using the original, in order to show their dedication, completely do not look at their lines pass, usually do not practice lines.Although Angela chang is a singer, she did make her debut in the film industry, but later she shifted her focus to music.With several well-known TV series, some netizens expect her to continue acting.She would like to get the book, but her career has its own development plan, and she is not so hard to act.See a netizen said Feng Shaofeng slag, he and Zhao Liying marriage is not slag, but after his marriage and divorce, love is really quite a lot, can not be slag, just more flower heart, girlfriend more, people did not cheat.10, shaw battle lines in the block has been gone, one mouth, tongue, vocal cords, nasal and chest forms already sound habits are hard to change, but shaw war before from a wild mighty soldiers of a firm tone, to god when the officer shadow embrace the world quiet quiet whispers, immortal to 5 patients pathetique static soft drama in Taiwan cavity,As well as now Xiao Chunsheng lazy excellent a mix of not stingy Beijing film, Xiao war now lines this piece of skill can not be underestimated.Yi Yangqianxi once a micro-blog: I have a high why go to the hospital to go to the pediatrics?Why is that?The heart is really bitter.Female singer was also a resource cafe, backed by resources in a popular movie, but also launched a masterpiece, she is so hot.But behind her resources did not keep up, hold her capital in the circle of no number, limited ability at the same time also hold others, so she soon paste through the center of the earth.

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