@Taiyuan people!600,000 environment-friendly incineration bags will be distributed and available to communities from April 1

As tomb-sweeping Day is approaching, the activities have aroused public concern.On March 29, the reporter learned from the Civil Affairs Bureau that in order to promote the establishment of a civilized city and the construction of a pilot city for the comprehensive reform of funeral and burial, during this year’s Qingming Festival, the city will continue to put 600,000 environmental protection incineration bags into the society, and strive to create a safe, green and civilized Qingming Festival through a series of effective measures.Citizens in need can pick it up in their communities from April 1.During the Qingming Festival, all urban areas of the city will rely on the community grid of the jurisdiction, reasonably set up centralized delivery points, make environmental protection incineration boxes, send community grid watchmen, and distribute environmental protection incineration bags free of charge.At the same time, we took the initiative to arrange special vehicles to transport environmental incineration bags to Yongan, Longshan Funeral Home and Elysieland Cemetery for centralized incineration.Related person in charge of the civil affairs Bureau introduced that in the process of centralized processing of these sacrificial products, the incineration points will be carefully registered, actively classified, and the collection of environmental protection incineration bags will be centralized incineration in batches, to truly achieve environmental protection, high efficiency, green and low carbon.The implementation of environmental protection incineration bag, to a certain extent, has changed the bad habits in the traditional way of worshipping.To this, the public widely give recognition.Feng Xiansheng, who lives in Xiaojingyu, said that before the preparation of paper money burning, not only encourages the circulation of sacrifsacrify items, but also increases the burden of sanitation workers, and the use of environmental incineration bags, promote the progress of social civilization, “this way is good, our whole family support.”He said.Taiyuan Daily reporter Zhang Hui

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