Spring Festival construction “not closed”!Vientiane Complex will be completed in November this year!

Mixc is one of the key construction projects in Haidian District. During the Spring Festival, urban construction workers stick to their posts and work “without closing” to ensure the steady progress of key projects. At present, MixC has completed the top of the main structure, which will be completed in November this year.In the near future, it will become a new commercial landmark integrating fashion, science and technology and cultural atmosphere.On-site project ongoing facade of cantilever construction such as more than 60 components builders “on-the-job” in the New Year special way to greet the New Year coming yan-hua li is the installation work on a construction site, every day, procedure is very strict, measuring temperature, reporting, a cannot careless, in the open after the briefing, yan-hua li and workmates began a hectic day’s work.”I chose to stay in Beijing for the Spring Festival and continue to stick to my post, not only because of the construction needs, but also because of the epidemic prevention and control.The project department is also in place in terms of life security, paste Spring Festival couplets, hang the word “fu”, cloud New Year, dumplings, we watch the Spring Festival Gala, the New Year, so that we can feel the thick flavor of the New Year on the post.Li Yanhua said, “I’m from Shanxi Province. I just called my family and told them happy New Year. I’m doing well in Haidian to reassure them.”Like Li Yanhua, there are many front-line builders who choose to stay and stick to their posts.Builders overcome homesickness, stay at the scene to spend the Spring Festival, they say, miss for strength, sweat and pay to make this Spring Festival more meaningful.Construction unit of China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau project manager introduction: “In order to ensure that the staff have a good New Year, we made special arrangements for logistics work, New Year’s Eve, the first day of the rest for two days, organized a wealth of cultural and sports activities, gave everyone a red envelope together lively, let everyone have a happy and happy Spring Festival in the project.In addition, in accordance with the commission, territorial job requirements, we make full epidemic prevention and control work, ready for epidemic prevention material, sufficient preparation in working life and logistics, and made a detailed deployment on construction project during the Spring Festival, adhere to the principle of epidemic prevention and control, production safety, strive to construction in the New Year ‘acceleration’!”In April 2023, the project is located in west Sanqi Building materials City East Road and building materials City middle road intersection northeast underground 4 floors,The ground layer 7 8 layers (local) construction area of 129000 square meters is committed to quality in family life, coldplay entertainment to enjoy gourmet dining experience, young fashionable landmark of alcohol to enjoy life, leisure and shopping space five theme “fashion, science and technology, culture, health, have a temperature life space” when it is bring about concept rendering around the trend of consumption upgrade and surrounding consumer demand,Build an upgraded retail brand and complete retail structure.Introduce business leisure, sports, furniture life and other formats to enhance the international style, fashion sense and convenience of the region.Introduce new retail brands and Internet brands offline experience stores, new applications in the retail and catering industry, such as large supermarkets, smart wear, 3D holographic projection technology, self-checkout system, etc.Intelligent parking lots are planned, and online platforms such as China Resources “A Bit of Everything” APP and wechat public account are used to provide regional customers with new online and offline integrated shopping and consumption experience combined with offline excellent physical business service experience.Architectural style, shop decoration and business format will pay attention to cultural and artistic atmosphere, will introduce bookstores, exhibitions and other lifestyles, enhance the regional cultural temperament, to create a new place for residents’ spiritual and cultural life.Green park, healthy lifestyle format, and healthy theme living area provide a green and healthy ecological environment for surrounding residents.In terms of sports and leisure, rich sports trend brands, interesting entertainment and fitness formats provide all-round entertainment and fitness places for young people and families.Create an open neighborhood community, organize all kinds of community activities, so that the surrounding families, single youth, business white-collar travel community with temperature.We will introduce a wealth of children’s retail, training, catering, entertainment and other brands combined with interesting public area design, intimate maternal and child services, so that children can have a good childhood time, but also let parents get a better experience.XiSanQi vientiane transfer distance from the subway line 13 HuoYing station 1.5 km line 8 studies station 1.6 km of qinghe vientiane will send 5 km radiation XiSanQi, west second flag and huilongguan inject new commercial vigor for area residents in the region, head of the China resources land project: at present, the box Ma Xian raw, vientiane studios, such as main store signing has been completed, the cumulative reserves intention falls a brand more than 300.XiSanQi vientiane remittance is completed, will radiate XiSanQi, west two flags and huilongguan area surrounding residents, and qinghe colorful city, northwest popular vientiane remit positioning complement each other, coordinated development, the formation of regional business collection effect, boost haidian northern business and economic development, at the same time, improve the quality of residents’ consumption, and meet the science and technology park, office people and surrounding community residents living needs.The project is planned to be completed in November 2022 and open in April 2023. Look forward to this Spring Festival, the builders of Haidian District stick to the first line of fighting against epidemic, preventing risks, ensuring safety and grasping quality, and pay tribute to everyone who works hard!Video source: China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau Editor: Zhang Bin

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