Natural “calcium tablet” found!The elderly and children eat more than 5 kinds of food, safe calcium people are healthier

Calcium is a clotting factor in the body that reduces the excitability of muscles and nerves. It is also a major component of teeth and bones.Once the body calcium deficiency, will lead to a series of health problems.Especially for children and the elderly, it is easy to appear calcium deficiency, so in daily life, we must pay attention to the work of calcium supplement.In addition to the appropriate supplement of some calcium tablets, but also should be appropriate to eat some calcium-containing high food.The following kinds of food has a “natural calcium tablet” reputation, below, to give you a detailed introduction.What food is having better fill calcium effect?Goat’s milk is known as the “king of milks”, and contains nutrients closest to human milk.The volume of fat particles in goat’s milk is very small, 1/3 of that in milk, which is easily absorbed by the human body. Long-term consumption of goat’s milk will not cause obesity.In addition, the calcium content in goat’s milk is higher than that in cow’s milk. Drinking goat’s milk properly every day can play a very good calcium supplement effect.Moreover, goat’s milk contains higher vitamin A content than milk, which can promote the body’s absorption of calcium and achieve a better calcium supplement effect.Sesame paste is a condiment made from sesame seeds, which is very high in protein, vitamins and fat.In addition, sesame paste also contains a lot of iron, for iron deficiency anemia has a certain prevention and treatment effect.In addition, tahini is rich in calcium. A tablespoon of tahini contains about 200 milligrams of calcium, which is many times higher than milk.It is also rich in vitamin B, vitamin E, magnesium, selenium, potassium and other trace elements.For the elderly and children, appropriate to eat some sesame paste, has a good calcium effect.Bean curd contains very rich calcium, so in daily life there are many people like to drink soybean milk, hoping to achieve the role of calcium.However, when soy is ground with water to make soy milk, the calcium content is diluted very low.A cup of soy milk contains less than 1/7 of the calcium content of a cup of milk.And if appropriate to eat some tofu, it can play a certain calcium effect.In making tofu, calcium-containing coagulants are used.In this way, the calcium content of tofu will increase.Especially for the elderly, can eat some tofu every day, can achieve a certain calcium supplement effect.Although mustard is a vegetable, but it contains very much calcium, 100 grams of shepherd’s purse contains 420 milligrams of calcium.In addition, shepherd’s purse in vitamins, carotene, amino acids, niacin and iron, potassium and other trace elements are particularly rich.Every day appropriate to eat some shepherd’s purse, can play a very good calcium effect.And shepherd’s purse in the crude fiber is particularly rich, can enhance the speed of the human body’s metabolism, as well as the role of maintaining vascular health.Five, shrimp skin in the calcium content is particularly much, 100 grams of shrimp skin contains 991 milligrams of calcium, so shrimp skin also has a “calcium library” reputation.In addition, shrimp skin also contains a lot of astaxanthin, magnesium, iodine, iron, phosphorus and other elements.However, the calcium in shrimp skins is not easily absorbed, so it is better to make it into soup for the calcium supplement effect.In a word, for people with calcium deficiency in the body, in addition to taking calcium tablets for calcium supplement according to the doctor’s instructions, the above 5 foods contain rich natural calcium, which can play a certain calcium supplement effect.In addition to the above 5 kinds of food, you can also eat more seafood, egg yolk, lean meat, these foods also contain rich calcium, can achieve a certain calcium supplement effect.

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