In the new semester, there are more than a group of “new teachers” in Gao ‘an Road. The “colorful small lecture hall” enables students to show their elegant demeanor and teach skills

This morning, xu Hui District Gao ‘an Road small students carrying school bags, excitedly returned to the long separation of colorful campus.They also learned a good news — in order to enrich the after-school service activities after the double reduction, the school launched the “colorful little lecture hall”.Want to share your hobbies with your classmates?Want to show off your skills to your classmates?Want to be a little teacher and pass on some experience?This is a small lecture hall belonging to students, but also let many students full of expectations for the new semester.Last semester, in fact, the school has the pilot for this project, first try to getting children, volunteered to sign up, selects “master name HuaZhi how many”, “I and Shanghai opera”, “five studio”, “a little class basketball knowledge” courses, such as small lecturers lecture carefully prepared, a speechwriter, design question and answer session and interactive games,Each “colorful little lecture hall” has been warmly praised by students.Therefore, before the winter vacation, the school brigade department once again issued a call for colorful little lecturers to the students, which received a warm response from many students.Many students have prepared well during the winter vacation and plan to enroll as a small lecturer today.”Many of our students want to be small lecturers and show their presence.They can get the application form and fill it out. The brigade department will conduct preliminary screening of the course materials and then submit them to the school curriculum Department. After the examination and approval, the brigade department will invite the young lecturers to attend the class.Little lecturers can not only get invitation cards, invite their good friends to class, but also get certificates issued by the school, and the school will choose the best little lecturers every semester, “said the brigade counselor at today’s opening ceremony.However, the small lecturer is not just standing on the stage to perform or give a speech, the teachers also provided a warm reminder: adequate preparation before class, to have quality interaction, forms to be diverse, “I hope to see more students standing on the stage to become a small lecturer!”Source: Thoughtful Shanghai

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