Hunan small husband and wife married for three months without the same room, but the wife suddenly pregnant, husband: how do you do?

Article history of history of editing | | yipin said yipin said “you see, I let her none of these things away.””She’s taken everything from the dresser, everything from the wardrobe.”People walk away from the tea cool, mention his wife left, Hunan Mr. Zhang (pseudonym) words in addition to anger, more is helpless, he and his wife just married for more than three months, now is falling apart.The choice to leave the home was not forced by Mr. Zhang, but a voluntary decision made by his wife, who had already said to him “divorce” when they left.What happened between the young couple?Why was his wife so determined?”When we were first married, I hugged her in bed. That’s what couples do.”The normal behavior between husband and wife unexpectedly caused the wife to resist, she directly stood up and walked out, and when Zhang stopped her, she violently treated him, “Look at my arm, let her grab it.After scratching ME, he tried to hit me with the bench.”Between the two of them why so, when the reporter asked why two people become such a situation, Mr. Zhang is speechless, squeak and do not want to say, at this time, Mr. Zhang’s mother told the truth.”I heard a few words during their quarrel. When I asked, my son didn’t tell me in detail. He told me after I was worried with him.””Say, he has no sex with daughter-in-law at all, but his daughter-in-law is pregnant.”During the three months since their marriage, the couple have been sleeping separately, with the wife sleeping on the bed and Mr. Zhang sleeping on the floor.Zhang’s mother also has no idea how her daughter-in-law got pregnant.Mr. Zhang looked at hide not to be able to, to the camera said his grievance “we April, on the same night she did not let me touch, I as a man, so fair to me?”Since we can sleep in the same bed in different rooms, right?His wife told him, “You too?Why should you share a bed with me?”In desperation, he made a bed on the floor for three months.Mr. Zhang and Ms. Liu (pseudonym) married for three months, although they have the name of husband and wife, but no real husband and wife.So Mr Zhang said that his wife is pregnant is true or false?How did she get pregnant?’We were talking one night and she suddenly said she was pregnant.'”I was scared too. When I asked her who the baby was, she told me.””Who am I to tell you?You just need to know about it.”The two were also introduced by a matchmaker. Before that, Liu had been working in Guangdong while Zhang was working there, and they had been talking on their mobile phones.Just six months later, Liu returned to her hometown and the two met and got a marriage license.Know time is too short, meet too hasty, they 2 people have no understanding to both sides, got a certificate in a hurry, after marriage Mr. Zhang just found that his wife seems to have changed a person.”After we got married, we were always estranged. When I went shopping or hanging out, she would stay far away from me or not wait for me to ask her.”The emotional foundation between them is very weak, why Ms. Liu will choose to marry Mr. Zhang?When they got married at that time, Mr. Zhang brought 68,000 as gift money, and also paid 50000 yuan insurance for both parties as a guarantee after marriage. The wife said that the cost of buying home appliances, furniture and wedding photos had not been confirmed by the wife after marriage, and the wedding photos had not been taken three months after marriage.The reporter also saw, the house is not a photo of two people.Under various circumstances, the Zhang family had to suspect that the marriage was a sham from the very beginning.To find out the truth, and to find out who the father of Ms. Liu’s unborn child is, Mr. Zhang took reporters to Xiangtan, Ms. Liu’s home.Upon arriving at her husband’s house, Ms. Liu saw her husband and broke out a strong resistance, “You go out, leave my home!”When he said this, he began to push the crowd away.”Wife you don’t close the door, have what matter to speak well, can discuss.”When the door failed to close, Ms. Liu shouted through the door, “Tell the reporters to get out!I’ll get out!Let’s divorce!””Did you hear that?She’s the one who said she wants a divorce, and you can open the door even if you want one.”Liu tried to hide from her husband as if running away was the best option. Zhang asked his wife to talk to him, and Liu kept saying “divorced”.As the scene awkwardly faltered, Liu walked out. She walked to the camera and pulled up her pants and sleeves. “Look, this is him beating me.Mr. Liu explained to the wound, “That night we said roommate, sleep together, she grabbed me, and then we fought on the bed.””My child all so big, how do you let me same room?””How did you do that?Whose child is this?”The conversation between the two finally got to the point.”I already told you, this child is not yours, is my previous……”Ms. Liu answer let reporters shocked, this thought is just Mr. Zhang said in a fit of pique, did not expect her own admission.”Then there’s nothing more to say. Divorce.””My parents didn’t give me money to raise other people’s children, they gave me money to raise my own children.”Ms. Liu why so persistent to Mr. Zhang “wear a hat”?”When we got married, I didn’t know I was pregnant until after we were married.””I also talked to him about divorce, but his family didn’t approve of it.”Liu explained that a month after their marriage, she accidentally found herself pregnant, and she did not explain the situation at the beginning. She was also afraid, and only explained the situation to her husband when she could not hide it, and said that after speaking to Mr. Zhang at that time, he also expressed forgiveness.”She told me at the time, and I said I would forgive, but on that premise, we have to have an emotional basis, right?””Life is a lifetime, not a day. You said you were in poor health, and I took care of you, didn’t I?But what did you do?Have you thought about me?”Mr. Zhang in the face of love, the choice of forbearance, bite the broken teeth to swallow the stomach.”It is mainly because of our different personalities. He is not tolerant, just like me. We often quarrel together.”The run-in between two people needs time and affection. Ms. Liu is fed up with this kind of life. She blames her husband and her family on her husband, which is without any sense of responsibility.After hearing his wife’s words, Mr. Zhang went out of the house, and the man wept in the corridor.”You see, you hear what she said about me. We’ve been married a long time and we haven’t touched her.””The children are not mine. I put up with it. I am the only son in my family.In the face of his wife’s cold words, Mr. Zhang felt very sad, in order to their marriage, parents have taken out all, it is like a dead end car, in a dilemma.When they arrived at the studio, Ms. Liu covered herself up for fear that others would recognize her, “Why are you so wrapped up?Do you feel that you have done something shameful?””Well…”Liu nodded and shook her head. “I have to think about my parents and my brother.I think I did the right thing. I have to think about my family.””How?He’s not your family?You haven’t thought about him?””Well…”The battle-hardened host was momentarily speechless.”There’s something wrong with me. I’m too grumpy. The rest?The rest I don’t think is much.””You have talked a lot about whether you have roommates, the use of betrothal gifts, including the temper of the two of you, and the most important thing you have not said is your infidelity and cheating on the marriage.”The host questioned Liu, “I also told him ah, as soon as I found out I told him.””You are pregnant, you are carrying another’s child to tell your husband, you call this open?You are being unfaithful. Marriage is the most basic trust between two people, and you have easily thrown away that trust.”The mood of the host at this time also some excited, said to Ms. Liu.At this time, the two people on the stage listening to the host, the hearts of all kinds of mixed feelings, “you are like this, your husband did not leave, still care about you, but what are you doing?””If he really wanted to keep this marriage with me, he would not keep asking me who the father of my child is.” Even at this point, Liu still chose to escape.At this time Ms. Liu’s husband stood up and tore off Ms. Liu’s mask. “You are on TV, what mask do you still take?””Host, you told her to say so much, she still think oneself did not do wrong, you call how can I accept?””You (Ms. Liu) on the upper lip touch the lower lip, and will not suffer losses, and will not drop a piece of meat, why can’t you say?”Looking at his wife did not speak for a long time, Mr. Zhang chose to walk out of the studio, this man, at the moment of pushing the door out, may have made a choice.After calm, Ms. Liu called the reporter out of the door, “I want to divorce, I don’t want this child, abort it.””If you had said so, would this have happened?””I think what the host said is right,” Ms. Liu said to the camera in front of reporters.Although Mr. Zhang acted impulsively in front of the camera, there was no hatred or distortion in his eyes.Only struggle and hesitation.One day husband and wife 100 days grace, the heart of this man early regard Madam Liu as a member of his home, unfortunately, broken mirror difficult to come together, the matter has so far had no other way, all expectations are disappointed, Mr Zhang returned to him as a child grow up in the home.”The daughter-in-law is you find yourself, marriage is you said to marry, now like this, you say how to do?””Mom, I don’t know.I don’t know how it came to this.”After hearing his mother’s words, he angrily ran upstairs and dismantled the decorated house. Now his heart was full of remorse, and his sincere intention had changed back to this result.I believe that Mr. Zhang, who is kind and honest, can walk out of this shadow as soon as possible, re-pack and embark on the road of a better life.Between husband and wife, the most important thing is loyalty and trust, all communication is built on these two points, when you encounter problems, you can not focus on escape, escape can not solve the problem.Finally, wish all lovers shall be well, Jack shall have Jill!Note: original works, plagiarism, washing manuscripts will be investigated!Pictures from the network, if any infringement, 36 hours must be deleted, thank you

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