Focus on “3.15” raffle traps to purify the surrounding environment of the campus

Recently, Taihe County People’s Procuratorate took the opportunity of CCTV 2022 “3.15” party exposure as an opportunity to fully fulfill the procuratorial function of public interest litigation in the field of minor protection, and quickly carried out special supervision of illegal sales of lottery game products around some towns and villages in the area of jurisdiction.The investigation found that some stores around the school sell “Tiger Tiger Living power?7?4 the incoming tide “, “dragon ball”, such as lottery game products, award of the prizes including plastic, plastic sword, gun atomization magic props such as all kinds of fancy toys, even have a plenty of directly to a yuan, five yuan cash as prizes, most of these draw small toys for the “3 without” product, opened the package there is acrid taste.Primary school students identification ability is weak, curiosity is strong, all kinds of lottery games with gambling nature, easy to lead to minor fluke, speculative psychology, so many students never tired, addicted to it, affecting physical and mental health.It is urgent to protect the healthy growth of minors and purify the surrounding environment of the campus.The hospital promptly made and issued suggestions to the relevant administrative departments before prosecution, and urged the administrative organs to carry out an immediate comprehensive inventory of stores around the campus throughout the county, severely investigated and prohibited the sale of all kinds of lottery games.In the next step, the institute will continue to track the implementation and effectiveness of the inspection suggestions, assist the administrative departments to trace the source, investigate the source of production and wholesale, realize the source control, prevent nip in the bud, and jointly create a good campus surrounding environment.(Gao Hong reporter Nie Xuejian)

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