Epidemic prevention line hit | Furong South road Zhaoshan section additional epidemic prevention checkpoints to Xiangtan, please prepare nucleic acid certification

On March 31, hua sheng electronic online news (reporter Zhang Dingfeng correspondent Yang Zhe) on 31 March morning, the reporter understands from changsha city traffic police detachment, at present, because of xiangtan and epidemic prevention departments in furong south kurth mountain road segment (changsha and xiangtan junction) set up an epidemic prevention checkpoints, for changsha to xiangtan vehicle, nucleic acid proof shall provide 24 hours can pass,If not available, nucleic acid test shall be conducted on site.Therefore, the current section of changsha to Xiangtan direction vehicle congestion.Traffic police remind, if there is a need to go to Xiangtan friends, please prepare nucleic acid proof in advance, to improve traffic efficiency.Please wait patiently and follow the command of the site staff.

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