China Mobile Guangxi Cooperated with Guangxi Radio and Television to construct guangxi node of 5G core network of China Radio and Television

Radio, film and television of China on March 30, 5 g core network nodes in guangxi attended the completion ceremony and guangxi guangxi mobile radio, film and television and sharing memo signing ceremony held in China – asean network audio-visual industry base, the two sides will work together to promote 5 g sharing work, hand in hand to promote the development of digital construction in guangxi, means that the guangxi movement and guangxi radio and television networks of cooperation taken a solid step forward.According to the agreement, both parties will make full use of their respective advantages in network, user and cloud computing resources to carry out business cooperation and platform cooperation based on 5G network and application, and actively explore and practice the application innovation of RADIO and television 5G in smart city, smart government, smart medical care, smart education and other important fields.Strive to provide comprehensive, high-quality and convenient digital services for all levels of party and government organs, enterprises and public institutions, and the masses in Guangxi, so as to enable Guangxi’s digital economy to flourish.(Source: People’s Daily Online)

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