Zhangzhou, Fujian, struggles to get off to a good start in the first quarter

The special team of epidemic prevention and control takes turns to carry out nucleic acid tests on project construction staff every day to ensure that all tests are carried out.Zhangzhou, Fujian province, March 28 (Liao Zhenmei) Under the epidemic, workers wearing masks methodically carried out the main plant construction on the site according to the schedule.This is the reporter recently located in Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, Zhangpu County Chihu Industrial Park Liansheng paper forest paddle paper integration project construction site to see the scene.After this round of local epidemic occurred in Zhangzhou, all local departments and governments actively responded, adhered to the overall consideration of epidemic prevention and control and economic development, and made efforts to achieve both epidemic prevention and control and the resumption of work and production.Zhang Guowang, secretary of Zhangzhou Municipal Party Committee, presided over the “good start” work scheduling meeting of the first quarter of the city, stressing the need to carry out the “year of construction of industrial development projects” and the “seven to one look at” competition, keeping a close eye on the target tasks, pressing the responsibilities, paying close attention to the implementation of work, and doing all in order to ensure the “good start” of the first quarter.”We have set up a special team to guide the prevention and control of the epidemic and promote the construction of the project. Apart from ensuring the operation of the original unit, almost all government personnel have been involved in the prevention and control of the epidemic.”According to Huang Songzhou, deputy head of the Zhangpu county government, the industry in the county has been less affected by the epidemic, and electricity consumption in the month showed positive growth.In the construction site under the epidemic, workers push forward the project construction in an orderly manner.Liansheng Pulp and Paper (Zhangzhou) Co., LTD., with a total investment of 22 billion yuan, will build an annual output of 3.9 million tons of pulp and paper with a land area of 4,567 mu.Huang Jianhui, manager of liaison department of Liansheng Pulp and Paper (Zhangzhou) Co., LTD., said that in order to promote the orderly construction of large projects, the prevention and control work should not be careless.”The whole site construction personnel up to 3,500 people, the project officially started construction in January this year, the site is closed management, workers in and out of face recognition, temperature measurement, query green code.””Nucleic acid tests are arranged for 20% of the on-site construction personnel every day, without affecting the progress of construction and ensuring that all tests should be carried out.In addition, we are also actively taking quarantine measures for supporting personnel outside the project.”Huang jianhui said.Weiyi Chemical Fiber Group in suian Industrial Development zone not far away, the third phase of the plant, dormitory building, office building is under construction according to the schedule.The project is a Hong Kong enterprise, specializing in the production of various specifications of textile raw materials.”On-site construction is not affected, but logistics is affected.”Suian Industrial Development Zone staff LAN Weibin introduced, for foreign drivers to transport goods to Zhangpu, has taken closed-loop prevention and control management, that is, the driver does not get off, the car to the car back;In addition, there are epidemic prevention and control propaganda service stations along the road to minimize the risk of infection, ensure the prevention and control of inter-regional movement of people, and ensure the progress of industrial projects on time.At present, the local government has made every effort to solve the development difficulties faced by enterprises.Huang songzhou said that efforts will be stepped up to help enterprises and coordinate solutions to the transportation difficulties of raw and auxiliary materials during the epidemic prevention and control period, so as to minimize or even no impact on enterprises.(End) (Chinanews.com)

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