With snow coming, hubei expressway “road police and enterprises” work together to ensure travel safety

Extreme news reporter Kang Xuyang video clip Kang Xuyang correspondent Chen Yangchun
At about 12:20 in the morning, wuhan South toll station, Xianning South toll station began to snow seeds, at 3 in the morning, Ma ‘an Dawu section of the snow……The hubei Section of the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway and some sections of the Loop expressway of Wuhan City circle fell in snow On Monday. Hubei Communications Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway Management and Operation Co., Ltd. monitored the snow situation around the clock and launched an emergency plan for snow removal, snow protection and anti-freezing to ensure the safety of expressway travel.The total length of the road section under the jurisdiction of Jingzhu Operation Company is 625 kilometers, and there are 43 super large Bridges with a total length of 127.6 kilometers. “Road police and enterprises” in each region work together to establish the operation map of the jurisdiction area. According to the key and difficult points of anti-freeze and anti-skid, 5 comprehensive inspection offices are divided into 19 operation units to ensure that the responsible people, equipment and materials in each responsibility area are in place.According to the snow situation of key Bridges and culverts, each section of the bridge is equipped with a marking barrel in advance at the bridge part, and the snow melt agent is sown, so that vehicles can slow down and pass in a safe and orderly way at the bridge part easy to freeze.In view of the characteristics of long pipeline lines and many Bridges, automatic 5G temperature monitoring data transmission system is set up at key Bridges to strengthen the monitoring of Bridges in icing prone sections, and further improve the accuracy and pertinency of maintenance work.Each toll station is connected with the maintenance of the area. Snow shovel, hand push snow shovel, wheel snow shovel, snow shovel, snow push and other tools are equipped to clear the snow at the entrance of the road. Manually cooperate with edge cleaning, removal and transportation of snow, and after cleaning, the road surface is exposed, the road line is visible, and there is no residual snow and ice.Each toll station also provides hot water, electric heaters, charging treasure and other thermal insulation measures for epidemic prevention workers and passengers to ensure safe and smooth travel during the Spring Festival.As of 12:00 noon on The 28th, more than 250 people were put into the road anti-freeze and anti-skid operation, and 180 tons of snowmelt agent were scattered.More exciting information please download “extreme news” client in the application market, do not reprint without authorization, welcome to provide news clues, once adopted will pay.

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