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Clock back to 2020, BIP (Business Innovation Platform) officially entered people’s vision.Under the background of accelerating global digital intelligence transformation, yonyou, as a leading enterprise in the domestic enterprise software and cloud service industry, has for the first time “defined” a new IT development era — BIP era internationally.From ERP in enterprise information stage to BIP in digital intelligence stage, this is a revolutionary upgrade.However, after a round of cloud computing baptism, enterprises can look back and truly understand that the enterprise cloud is not to use cloud computing technology to run the original business, process again, but to use cloud computing and other new generation of information technology, a comprehensive reconstruction and reconstruction of traditional business and process.When we talk about BIP today, an important premise that can not be ignored is numerically intelligent soil.To put it simply, digitalization is the combination of digitalization and intelligence, but it is not only the combination of technology, but driven by information technology and data, which opens a new business growth model characterized by comprehensive connection, application empowerment and data value landing.In this process, digitalization technology is deeply integrated with endless new business scenarios to reshape business processes, empower thousands of industries and release new values.In the process of transformation, enterprises need not only a single point of tools, but a platform that can support their rapid realization of business innovation, as well as professional services to promote the steady implementation of digital intelligence strategy.Facing the wave of home-made substitution, Yonyou BIP helps enterprises to upgrade from the original process-driven to data-driven and from the traditional “boulder” software to the cloud service group through digitalization + credit and innovation.This is the essence of localization substitution, and also a higher order commercial revolution driven by technology.Why yonyou took the lead in carrying the flag of home-made value replacement?In accounting computerization phase started with from the financial software and win the ERP market in Asia, to the enterprise informatization stage to the number of intellectualization phase transition to the enterprise cloud service provider, ufida experienced initially to run and run, finally in a few moments of technology-driven another round of business innovation, whole innovation and defined the BJP, lead was realized.Today yonyou provides a trinity of process service, data service and intelligent service for large enterprises, including state-owned enterprises and central enterprises, to effectively promote the reform of business and business processes and achieve the goal of driving business innovation with digital intelligence technology.From a broader perspective, under the historical opportunities of digitalization, localization and globalization, Chinese enterprises like Yonyou have foresight and practice in business innovation based on digitalization, leading the world.The digital-intelligence transformation and business innovation of Chinese enterprises also provide the most suitable soil for the birth of the world’s leading To B platform and enterprise cloud service providers.Yonyou BIP how to do the real number of intelligent commercial base?Yonyou BIP once released, it will replace the traditional ERP software of foreign big factories is endless.From a business point of view, product replacement and upgrade is an inevitable law, but the more important significance of Yonyou BIP lies in that it opens a door to enable business innovation to the majority of enterprise users.Especially for large enterprises, building their own platforms and realizing social business connections is an inevitable demand for building the second growth curve of enterprises.IDC’s insight into China’s ERP application platform-based cloud service market shows that nowadays enterprises need to build from the idea of a platform in IT construction. IT is hoped that the future IT architecture will have a system that can help realize the opening of data and the precipitation of IT assets, and help enterprises form the capability of a platform.In the future, cloudy and mixed clouds will be the norm.Enterprise applications will rapidly transition to cloud platforms to meet the needs of industrial digitalization and digital industrialization of large enterprises.Yonyou is the absolute leader in APaaS.According to IDC report, Yonyou has ranked first in the overall market share of APaaS (Application platform cloud service) in China for many years, with a market share of 14.4%, far exceeding domestic and foreign mainstream manufacturers such as Kingdee, Oracle and SAP.From the point of view of the core design concept of Yonyou BIP, Yonyou BIP is a platform that relies on the development of platform technology, takes business as the core, and starts from the scene to help business innovation.It supports the transformation of enterprise digital intelligence with “platform + service”.The building of BIP has a high threshold.Yonyou realizes standardization, engineering and industrialization by using new technologies and new architectures, such as cloud native, metadata, separation of data and use, and centralization of Taiwan. Through its own services, yonyou enables enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency.In order to tamp the base, Yonyou deployed the PaaS platform.Yonyou BIP technology base is a cloud native PaaS platform, including “three platforms + three platforms”, namely business platform, data platform, intelligent platform, as well as technology platform, low code development platform, connection integration platform.With APaaS as the pivot, Yonyou BIP “down” should adapt to diversified IaaS, and “up” should support diversified application scenarios.In keep its platform under the premise of continued evolution, uf BJP, on the one hand to support the container the underlying technology and other advanced cloud infrastructure, China, on the other hand to ensure that their business, and SaaS, DaaS application can be deployed in ali cloud, huawei cloud cloud, this covers the supporting capacity and flexibility in the industry are numbered.On the basis of the platform, Yonyou BIP has gradually evolved into a “two horizontal and ten vertical” architecture: the so-called two horizontal refers to the business covers sensitive cloud service and steady cloud service, which is necessary for large and medium-sized enterprises that need to take into account both sensitive and steady business;The so-called ten Vertical refers to the ten business areas including marketing, procurement, supply chain, manufacturing, RESEARCH and development, finance, human resources, synergy, assets and projects.Yonyou BIP is a set of enterprise-level cloud services, no matter in public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud.Yonyou’s strategy is to build a public cloud first and then “drag it down” to achieve private deployment in large and medium-sized enterprises.Those “chain master” enterprises must have full control of their IT facilities, so the privatization of public cloud facilities is a must-answer for Yonyou BIP.Yonyou’s r&d team went all out and solved the problem in two to three months — it could be split and merged on public clouds and packaged as private clouds to meet the needs of different customers.In 2021, Yonyou BIP APaaS layer continued to optimize the micro-service bottom layer on the original basis and standardized a series of underlying technologies, which improved product stability and data security and provided a stable platform base for the overall business operation of cloud services.Yonyou has made many breakthroughs in the fields of cloud technology, cloud platform and self-developed engine.The company pioneered YKS and YMS cloud middleware technology to achieve multi-data center and cross-cloud technology breakthrough.Improve the container cloud platform cloud native ability, strengthen the middleware container cloud platform research and development.The whole field of products can be adapted to the container cloud platform, which has the ability to provide multi-cloud adaptation for large customer groups;Platform microservices are further decoupled at different levels, reducing resource consumption between platform layer and application layer, and speeding up migration capacity on and off the cloud.Pioneered the rapid, exclusive and private deployment technology of public cloud, realized an engineering system of code, and effectively supported the agile and iterative innovation of large enterprises;At the same time, the platform architecture and support services are optimized and upgraded to improve the system’s high flexibility, high reliability and high availability, and improve the cloud delivery capability and product stability.What is particularly worth emphasizing is that as a platform, Yonyou BIP not only serves individual enterprises, but also focuses on the supply chain at the social level, which is also caused by social business innovation.Yonyou BIP, based on the mid-Taiwan architecture, separation of data and use, multi-tenant, open platform and scenario-oriented support, fully connects the main chain enterprises with upstream suppliers and downstream channel providers through the marketing cloud and procurement cloud.In a word, Yonyou BIP is not only the application infrastructure of digital intelligence business, but also the co-creation platform of enterprise service industry.Today, yonyou, facing large enterprises, focuses its business on helping the head enterprises to transform into intelligent ones, realizing home-made value substitution and high-quality development. Relying on technical deposits, product advantages and extensive ecological cooperation, yonyou has become an enabler of commercial innovation.It is believed that in the near future, Yonyou will become the world’s leading enterprise cloud service provider, and yonyou BIP’s leading technology base is an indispensable ladder, highlighting the strength of China’s digital intelligence of large enterprises.Disclaimer: This article is an original article, please indicate the source, author and link to this article.If illegal reprint use, this website will reserve the right to pursue.

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