The greatest happiness in the world is striving for the happiness of the people

The original title: today spring 丨 the greatest happiness in the world is fighting for people’s happiness in spring spring 丨 the greatest happiness in the world than a struggle for people’s happiness and spring is not only the first solar term in Chinese lunar 24 solar terms, spring begins from astronomical divided up, and in nature, in people’s mind, spring means that the bright sunshine and gentle breeze, charactizing a fine spring day.Spring also means that everything grows, and farmers sow seeds.Therefore, “The beginning of Spring” poem: “east wind with rain driven by the west wind, the earth Yang and heating health.All things su Meng landscape wake up, the beginning of the year and farming.”(River on left).In climatology, spring refers to the pentad (5 days for a pentad) average temperature of 10℃ to 22℃ period.On this day, “The sun and the awakening of insects, all things are spring”, after the beginning of spring, everything is full of vitality, the four seasons of the year from now on.There is such a legend: ancient near the arrival of spring, who will take the local celebrities to dig a pit in the land, and then put the light material such as feathers, feather in the pit, etc. At a certain hour, pit feathers and feather floating up from the pit, this moment is the spring time, began to set off firecrackers to celebrate, I wish the good crop weather, good harvest next year.Gansu province network is illegal and bad information inform against the center to remind you: the period of time after the beginning of spring is often cold and warm inconstant, want to be careful of “spring cold” harrassed, especially for the weak person, cold, have a fever is often the thing.To this expert expresses, want to kill bacteria and prevent cold, can increase eat garlic, onion, celery to wait for “taste strong” food number on diet, to prevent typhoid cold to wait for spring multiple respiratory tract infection to have great benefit.It is still dry after the start of Spring, so drinking scented tea can help disperse the cold and evil spirits accumulated in the body during winter.Since every flower and grass has its corresponding sex, taste and effect, herbal tea does have certain health care efficacy if used properly, but it needs to be adjusted according to its own constitution, drinking too much will also cause physical discomfort.Warm edible flowers and plants mainly include plum blossom, jasmine, rose, Chinese rose, saffron, etc.Cold food flowers and plants mainly include Summer wilt, honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, sophorae, etc.The flowers and plants with flat sex basically have acacia flower, corn beard, hibiscus flower, lavender to wait.When collocation, those medicinal warm flowers and plants had better not be mixed with cold flowers and plants edible.The Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and The State Council held a Spring Festival visit for 2022 at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, Capital of China, Jan 30, 2018.On behalf of the CPC Central Committee and The State Council, Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, extended New Year greetings to Chinese of all ethnic groups, compatriots in the Hong Kong And Macao Special Administrative Regions and Taiwan, and overseas Chinese.Xi stressed that all the achievements made by the Party and the people in the past 100 years are the result of united struggle, which is the most prominent spiritual symbol of the CPC and the Chinese people.One hundred years of hard work tells us that unity is strength and hard work creates the future.Only a united nation can have a future, and only a united party can remain invincible.The history of the centennial struggle also tells us that the most solid unity is that formed around a clear goal, and the most powerful struggle is that carried out through close unity.We have made a glorious history by working together, and we need to work together to open up a bright future.As long as the 1.4 billion Chinese people hold hands and march toward the future together, and as long as the 95 million Chinese Communists march toward the future together with the people, we will surely continue to create impressive miracles on our new road to the national Examination.The upcoming Lunar Year of the Ox is a year for us to review history, pay tribute to history and look to the future, Xi said in his speech.The whole Party and people of all ethnic groups in China carry forward the spirit of an ox I serve the children, a pioneer ox and an old ox I serve the children, and continue to work hard for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, thus making new and notable achievements in the cause of the Party and the country.We solemnly celebrated the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC). We celebrated the centenary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC) with ceremony, music and harmony. We beat drums to urge people to march and set sail to a new stage, inspiring the Whole Party and society to forge ahead with great strength in the new era.We held the party’s sixth plenary of the 19th and the third historical decisions, on winning out of poverty to be completed, as to build a well-off society in an all-round way, to achieve the first goal, one hundred open all-round construction of socialism modernization country new journey, in the process of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation history wrote the a part.China’s economic development and epidemic prevention and control, the world’s leading new strides to build new development pattern, development of high quality had made new achievements, national strategy of science and technology power to speed up the growing, new strides China’s reform and opening up, the people’s livelihood security effective, powerful construction of ecological civilization continues to advance, carbon peak carbon neutral work arrangements, national defense and army building strong expansion, Hong Kong by around,The struggle against “independence” and the promotion of national reunification intensified, major country diplomacy with Chinese characteristics continued to advance, significant results were achieved in the study and education of Party history, social stability was maintained, and the 14th Five-Year Plan got off to a good start.These achievements have greatly boosted the pride and confidence of the whole Party and the people of all ethnic groups in China in forging ahead on a new journey and making achievements in a new era, despite the complex situation of century-old changes and the interwoven epidemic.In the past 100 years, the CPC has delivered an excellent answer to the people and history, Xi said.Now, the Party has united and led the Chinese people of all ethnic groups on a new road to achieve the second Centenary Goal.The greatest happiness in the world is to strive for the happiness of the people.With the people in our hearts and the truth in our hands, we are full of confidence and strength.No matter how the situation may change and how severe the challenges may be, we must carry forward the great spirit of the Founding of the Party, remember the ancient saying that people are born in adversity and die in peace, always think ahead, be prepared for adversity in times of peace, unite closely and work hard, and continue to advance the historic cause of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.The best way to pay tribute to the century-old history of struggle is to write a new one, Xi said.Later this year, the Communist Party of China will convene its 20th National Congress to review the work of the past five years and draw a blueprint for development in the years ahead.We want as a whole the domestic and international two overall situation, overall layout, plan as a whole to promote “five one” coordination advances the strategy of “four comprehensive” layout, overall development and security, as a whole the epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, always adhere to seek improvement in stability work tone, complete, accurate, comprehensive implementation of new development concept, to speed up the build the new development pattern, comprehensively deepen reform and opening up,We will promote high-quality development, continue to ensure and improve people’s wellbeing, strive to maintain a stable and healthy economic environment, a peaceful and secure social environment, and a clean and upright political environment, and take concrete actions to welcome the opening of the 20th CPC National Congress.In traditional Chinese culture, the tiger is the king of beasts and a symbol of strength, courage and fearlessness, Xi stressed.In the year of Yin tiger, we should continue to write a new chapter in the history of the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics with the vigorous spirit of vigor and vitality.The Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics will open soon. The Chinese people are ready to deliver a simple, safe and wonderful Olympic Games to the world, Xi said. He also wished Chinese and foreign ice and snow athletes more wings and greater achievements.Source: Gansu province network illegal and bad information report

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