The first batch of tianjin demolition and reconstruction map in 2022, involving Heping River West Hongqiao River East Dongli Beichen

Before the completion of the project before May 31, 2022, the project has been officially capped, and it is planned to be completed before May 31, 2022!It is reported that the nenjiang Road area is located at the intersection of Anshan Road and Nenjiang Road, with a construction area of 2,749 square meters involving 104 households. The houses were built in the 1930s and lack independent kitchens and toilets.As it is located in the style conservation area, the scale and height of the reconstruction building remain unchanged. Independent kitchens and toilets will be added to each household by pulling out the tenants, forming integrated residential buildings.The zhaofeng Road area, which attracted a lot of attention, was also officially launched in November 2021, with the transformation scope reaching Changchun Road in the east, Nanjing Road in the south, Jinzhou Road in the west (except jinzhong Building) and Shaanxi Road in the north, which is only one road away from Lebin Department Store.The whole zhaofeng Road area will be divided into retention area and reconstruction area. According to the renderings, the reconstruction area will have two high-rise buildings on the side facing Nanjing Road, and one small high-rise building and four ground-floor buildings on the side facing Changchun Road.From the map, zhaofeng Li area has at least 6 communities, respectively zengfu Li, Huichang Li, Wenxin Li, Xingyi Li, Zhaofeng Li, Glory li and the north side of a “hui” shape shaxi Road 146 building.Zengfu li in addition to the northwest corner of a row of buildings all demolished, huichang li all demolished, wenxin Li most will be retained, xingyi Li will be demolished east two rows of buildings, zhaofeng Li all retained, glory li all demolished, Shaanxi Road 146 building will be retained.These old residential areas in Heping District will have a plan in 2022.Nankai district 365 tao room in nankai district huai Wan Xing street anxi tower 2 recent did not include a development of our project in hexi district hexi dawn remaining housing demolition problem southwest hexi district building QiJian dangerous house renovation building demolition in the hedong district hedong district Wen Gong no plan to hongqiao district west hongqiao district dafeng hutong no demolition project northeast big hutong area reconstruction policy is still in the research processHutong no Middle East square building demolition planning FengCheng xianyang road north street floor area at present no project in hebei zhengxing small third floor no old village renovation plan dong li district north cheng lam tsuen also move rooms were advancing cooperates road is now construction project for admiralty ShiFan Town phase ii project of beichen district han ditch village in November 2021 to April 2022 monthly rent rate is for examination and approval of beichen district night jose xiyuan 0708 plot in 2022 is expected to deliver appropriate garden phase ii above two battles were relocated people at work has started green light town Han Jiashu village still moving area at the end of 2022 have also moved condition schemes beichen district red mouth village no demolition homes have been incorporated into the glorious building worker housing renovation plan xiqing district xiqing district JiZhuangZi Village also moved house building is expected to be completed at the end of 2022, xiqing district, tianjin China in 2022Years old building renovation plan in xin village have been incorporated into xin county demonstration towns within the scope of the pear double highway broadening the scope of land requisition zhuangzi village demolition work is ongoing China also moved house issued problem calm sea area frontier town zhuang has for the payment to the account of the village committee will land in the sea of tranquility zhuang town, the west is expected in October 2022, make wu qing wu qing yukon room area do not belong to the shanty towns transformation van DE laneIn late January 2022, weyu Longjiayuan community began to notice the handover work.365 tao room baodi district in 2022, the beijing-tianjin metro will be the latest in June make it chang village has moved house garden room in June 2022 completion day show garden has moved house at the end of 2022 started to handle property right card SanMingLi building demolition of binhai new area is no advised yantai road neighborhood, tower 2, 3, 4, 5, was placed on the house acquisition range of binhai new area these regions have more in 2022Ninghe District Ninghe District Qijiabu Village relocation scheme framework has been basically determined, Jizhou District Zhou Hewan West Garden relocation house has not been started.

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