I got hurt again on day 84

Hurt again, unable to make fun of…The last time was the hamstring near the knee was pulled, and it took half a month to heal.I don’t even know how it happened this time.I was fine yesterday morning, but I felt a bit of pain in the tail vertebra in the afternoon, and the pain got worse before I went to sleep at night.I woke up in the middle of the night and had a pain all day today.I had already changed my corset this morning, but I couldn’t run.Spent the day at Concord. CT didn’t get results today.The director asked to go to the hospital to see the doctor after the result came out tomorrow afternoon.Life is full of surprises. Practice five kilometers a day.You can come rain or shine, but you can’t handle an injury.Woke up in the middle of the night with a lot of ideas in my head.I can finally understand the thoughts of those who are sick, and I can only relate to them if I have actually experienced them.I haven’t answered questions in Zhihu for a long time, but people still invite me every day.Today I see a problem like this: my boyfriend wants to return the betrothal gift, how should I do?First of all, the little sister is not innocent. Since she is not married, the betrothal gift must be returned.Forget about the dowry from your ex-boyfriend. Even if your husband or parents give you something, they may want it back.People can give it to you today, they can not give it to you tomorrow.Only their own strong, is king.Although the culture is different, ancient and modern Chinese and foreign great sages happen to speak about the same meaning.The BOOK of Changes: the gentleman is constantly striving for self-improvement.An old Chinese proverb says, “Men should strive to become stronger.”Teacher: backer mountain pour, rely on everyone to run.Make your own food and clothing.Moore: Victory won’t come to us alone.Napoleon: self-improvement, like honor, is an island without beaches.People are not enough to rely on, to survive only on their own.Wang Anshi: don’t suffer from people can’t, and suffer from a few not mian.Zhu Xi: everything in the world can not be violated, but in people self-improvement how ear.Confucius: practice faith, unremitting self-improvement.Xue Yingqi: if you don’t respect yourself, I regret it.Not self-improvement, si called disgrace.German proverb: Those who strive to improve themselves will be saved.Tolstoy: Man’s mission is to strive for perfection.Kalamshin: Live on your own strength. Don’t take anything for free.Cheilshev driver: who wants to be good, you have to think about yourself, you care about yourself, no one can replace him.Independence and self-reliance belong only to the few. It is the virtue of the strong.Mongolian proverb: it is better to seek for yourself than to expect charity from your master.Nasuf: Independence is the foundation of life.Goethe: To go from small to big requires constant self-improvement.Romain Rolland: Every strong nature of the people, there must be an unyielding strength.Vergil: Let every man place his hope in himself.Beethoven: Man!Still rely on oneself strength!Lee Kuan Yew: We can only survive if we work hard.La Fontaine: God helps those who help themselves.Dumas: a gift is not secure.Whatever is given can always be taken back by the giver.The best way to get something is to be worthy of it.Money always flows to those who do not lack money, love always flows to those who do not lack love!This is my 84/18,000 day of running and writing!

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