Epidemic prevention and control, responsibility is shoulders-Hechi Maritime Administration has taken multiple measures to implement epidemic prevention and control

In the face of the outbreak of COVID-19 in Baise city, all members of Hechi Maritime Safety Administration mobilized and actively participated in the work of epidemic prevention and control. In accordance with the work requirements of “strict, tight, fast, meticulous and realistic” of Epidemic prevention and control in Hechi City, they urgently responded to the requirements of urban epidemic prevention and control headquarters.The first group of 25 volunteers (including 10 maritime workers off duty) were selected to participate in the epidemic prevention and control work in Jinchengjiang, Dahua, Tian ‘e and Donglan.After receiving the urgent notice from the epidemic prevention and control headquarters, Hechi Maritime Safety Administration mobilized all departments to select volunteers who are not afraid of hardship, strictly observe discipline and are willing to contribute to form the volunteer team of epidemic prevention and control. The volunteers made a vow: “We promise to stick to the front line of epidemic prevention and control until we win the battle of epidemic prevention and control.””Hello, you drive hard, please sweep the itinerary code” hechi maritime Safety Bureau staff smile to the past drivers and passengers said.February hechi city freezing, 10 full-time maritime staff worked in hechi, east and west hechi toll gates they strictly check the vehicles and personnel, the basic situation of the epidemic prevention and control knowledge, to carry out the “four yards LianZha” and cataloged, strict screening key risk, accurately grasp the personnel information dynamic, do “screen controls, not one person”,”Prevention” and “control” should be seamless.In full before the plague does not forget to protect the safety of water transportation maritime responsibilities, maritime law enforcement personnel, dock into the ship, the crowd at the ferry, leading to the crew members and the masses propaganda party committees and governments at all levels about prevention and control of COVID – 19 decision deployment, carefully spread epidemic prevention and control knowledge, guide and promote people to enhance self-protection consciousness and ability,At the same time, the supervision of tourist boats and passenger ferries should be strengthened to ensure the safety and security of tourists in the area.On the basis of its own epidemic prevention and control work, China has actively supported and participated in the epidemic prevention and control work in designated villages and local communities.Comrade qian-li ma as JiangNa Township flow in yao nationality autonomous county and village rural revitalization of residency task force members will his JiangNa Township and baise LiMing Township phase, after the Spring Festival return his active participation and epidemic prevention bayonet on duty work, give full play to the communist party member’s cutting edge exemplary role, take the bull by the horns, charge before, and stand out at the critical moment.To strengthen the implementation of responsibilities, four more volunteers were sent to Jiangnan Township, Changmei Village, Dahua County to conduct comprehensive checks on household movement, timely report household epidemic prevention and control data, build a tight defense line for mass prevention and control, and contribute maritime forces to resolutely win the battle against the epidemic.Eight volunteers took advantage of the weekend and rest time to participate in the epidemic prevention work in Tian ‘e County and Donglan County. At the nucleic acid testing site, volunteers maintained order at the scene and helped the people at the scene to carry out nucleic acid testing. Their smiling service and warm words were recognized by the masses.During household inspections, they enthusiastically went to the door to conduct nucleic acid sampling, grid inspections and “four-code” joint inspections, actively educating and guiding the masses to do a good job in personal protection, conscientiously performing responsibilities such as uploading and distributing, information collection and data statistics, and practicing the responsibilities of maritime owners with practical actions.Before the outbreak of the plague before the show’s sense of honor, truth, hechi maritime people will continue to further implement the maritime safety administration, autonomous regions and hechi city in guangxi epidemic prevention and control headquarters leadership instruction spirit, enhance the political stance, strengthen organizational leadership, listen to instructions, vigorously promotes the deployment of implementation, on the basis of full water traffic safety travel, cooperate with the local epidemic prevention and control work,To protect the health of the people and win the battle against the epidemic.Photo: Gao Qinglu, Li Hao, Wan Yingxuan, Min Yanghai, Liang Hui, Wei Ji Reviewed by Zhuang Lei

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