Different year of the Tiger Spring Festival

The Spring Festival falls on Feb 1, 2022, the first day of the Year of the Tiger. However, it is not the Year of the Tiger in a strict sense, as the start of spring falls on Feb 4, and the Year of the Tiger begins later.Still, there’s nothing wrong with celebrating in advance.For thousands of years, China has been the implementation of three calendar forms, one is the Gregorian calendar, that is, the western AD calendar, such as how many years BEFORE the number of YEARS, how many years after the number of years, and so on, the second is the calendar, that is, to the emperor to record the year, such as the Tang Zhenguan year, qing Kangxi year.The third is the ganzhi ji years, such as jia Zi years, c Wu years, etc., one of the oldest is the ganzhi ji years, is said to be from the beginning of the Chinese ancestor Xuanyuan Yellow Emperor, so it is also known as xuanyuan calendar, also known as the lunar calendar.However, this lunar calendar also has two forms, one is the first day of the New Year as the dividing line of the year, the other is the beginning of Spring as the dividing line.But even the lunar calendar is the same kind of calendar, but also contradictory, because the beginning of Spring and the New Year’s day, it is difficult to be on the same day, do not know hundreds of years only encounter once.For example, born on the first day of the Chinese New Year, should be regarded as the Chinese zodiac sign?But not always. If Start of Spring falls on the fourth day of the Chinese New Year, those born before the fourth day will still belong to the Chinese zodiac sign of the old year.For example, in 2022, spring begins on February 4, the fourth day of the year, and the year of The Yin Tiger of The Year of Ren yinshi really enters. Therefore, those born before the Yin Shi of the fourth day are still considered ox, while those born after the start of spring are considered tiger.And from the order of the bureau, it is more strict, for example, this year is Beijing time on the fourth morning 5:12 split spring, after which can be called the Year of Renyin, Renyin month, wuzi day, before still belong to xin Chou year, Xin Chou month, Wuzi day.So in a strict sense, the beginning of spring as the dividing line, more in line with the laws of nature, which is also the inheritance of the Chinese Shaft calendar.The year 2022 is really amazing. Not only does spring start after the New Year, but the Spring Festival on the first day of the New Year is just the Chinese New Year. It is celebrated in advance, not the real Spring Festival.And fengshui nine stars, is also after the beginning of spring, have returned to me, known as “nine stars return.”What does the return of the nine stars mean?First, it means stability, each star going home, each in his own place, each doing his duty.Second, it means extreme, the palace and the stars are the same, the gas field is extreme, more auspicious, more fierce, good or bad should be more obvious.This is also something to be aware of.To sum up, from the perspective of calendar and feng shui, 2022 is a magical year, which can also be called a once-in-a-century event. As for whether it is a big change, one is the law of nature, and the other is personal experience.So what does this adventure and change bring to us?One is not happy too early, good news is not necessarily good news, a lot of things may come later than expected.Second, do not be complacent and continue to prepare for a long and hard struggle.However, after the first day, the beginning of spring is very close, this confidence should have.On the occasion of the arrival of the Chinese New Year, I would like to extend my best wishes to all readers. I wish you a happy New Year and a prosperous Year of the Tiger.

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