Curse tore heart crack lung!After the national football team 1-3 xie field, by the fans angrily scold: silly X, take high wages shameless

On the first day of the New Year, The National football Team challenged the Vietnam team away. Both sides could not afford to lose the game. However, in less than 20 minutes, the national football team even lost 2 goals and fell behind by a large score, which also made the national football team players worried.However, the second half, the national foot continuous substitution, the attack to improve, but unfortunately, Vietnam and the use of a world wave, scored the third goal, the overall situation of the game has been decided.Although China on 96 minutes, scored a goal face-saving, but the loss, or added to the fans in the New Year again, after the captain Wu Xi or coach Li Xiaopeng, is take the initiative to apologize to the fans, but for the fans, the defeat is doomed to be difficult to forget, like 1-5 defeat to Thailand once,In the previous 62 years, China had won all 10 of their matches against Vietnam, but this time they lost so thoroughly that they were completely humiliated.After the game, both the fans, the media and the former Players of the National football Team blasted the national football team. Such a loss really hurts the morale of the team. You can’t blame the players and the coach, but there is no one to blame for the loss.After the game in the National football team to the scene of the fans thank the field, is also a very helpless scene, a fan is also very sad and despair, he scolded the National football team fans: “silly X, take high wages shameless, shameless!”The can to the scene to support the team’s fans, he is really like football, but, at the scene witnessed such a shame to lose, after the game he was completely dead and despair, scold also is tore heart crack lung, even with a cry, this is also a lot of fans, how much you patriotic enough, how hard he will hurt you, in this day of night,Really is to let the fans very helpless and desperate.After the match, fan Zhiyi, famous player of The National football team, also hit the hot search, because nine years ago, when the National football Team lost 5-1 to Thailand, General Fan had said that if we lose like this again, we will lose to Vietnam, and then we will lose to Myanmar!Did not expect a prophecy, now The Chinese football, really is not even face, no wonder the fans will be so sad to scold!

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