Come on, post your baby’s annual book list and send gifts!And a book bag worth 1,500

Everyone, happy Spring Festival acridine!On the first day of the Year of the Tiger, we’re here to give everyone benefits?!Recently, a number of parents in our group posted eye-opening summaries of their children’s reading.I have read so many books in one year.?Baby: Elsa, 7?Baby: Ron, 6?Baby: Shaylin, five and a half years old, stacks of books are magnificent!Not only the parents were surprised, but the children themselves also felt very proud ~ they felt they had a new motivation in the New Year!So today, Guomin mom launches an activity, inviting you and your children to share the books you have read ~ upload a photo of your child and the book, you can get it for free, massive animation for free!Not only that, but you can also invite your friends to vote for you!We will select the top 31 children with the highest votes and send super surprise gift packages: 1500 books bags, super fun table set, three-dimensional globe…How to participate: Long press the qr code below to enter the activity page and upload a photo of your child with the reading list.(* The activity is free of charge and only fans can participate.)Prize setting: Small Youqu VIP monthly card member book Bag worth 1500 + crazy pair-up board games 3 boxes *1+ STEREO DIY Globe *1 Crazy pair-up board games 3 boxes *1 STEREO assembled globe *1 Drawing time: 7:30am on February 7?Long press the qr code below to register now?Prizes being introduced a | being involved in prize: a small optimal interest on VIP card membership (worth $30) small optimal boring video APP is a very nice children, children’s XueGuan recommended N many times before.There are more than 7000 English nursery rhymes and cartoons from all over the world. English content can be graded according to difficulty. It is suitable for 0-7 years old children to learn vocabulary and listen.Small youqu source examples and also support screen casting!It can be played directly by TV and projector.This time, we collected a free 30-day VIP monthly membership for you!You can get it if you attend the event.New Year at home just can look!| the most promising young fans: three-dimensional assembled a globe * 1 (worth $99) this is a combine geography and origami globes!Not only can they exercise their hands-on skills, they can also learn about the structure and geographical features of the earth!It divides the surface of the sphere into 12 pieces, and uses a ratio of 1:637 million to minimize the error.Each area contains a unique animal and is marked with a national city name, where children can find their favorite animal and learn geography through play.And the assembly process is super friendly!With knife line indentation, the whole process without scissors and glue can complete assembly.| the most popular small fans: crazy mstching game box, table tablet stands 3 * 1 (valued RMB 178) that the collection card, attracted the most nuts mom is: even if the lost part, also does not affect the play!And its game rules are very simple, 2 – year – old children can quickly start.For example: can spell eye speed, find two cards in the same pattern;Although there are only 8 elements on each card, but the graphics size and direction are different, especially test observation and reaction power!You can remember the elements on the card and the relative position, and compare who remembers quickly and accurately;This set has 3 different themes, each box contains 56 pieces, you can play for a long time!| year reading brocade carp: 1500 yuan worth of books in the bag + crazy mstching game 3 boxes of globe * 1 * 1 + 3 d assembled for the first annual studying brocade carp!In addition to the above 2 gifts, you will also get a book bag worth 1500 yuan!Minimum 10 books!All of them are produced by China’s national geography. How excellent their books are, I don’t need to introduce more about them, involving plants, animals, science, geography, Chinese…Different theme content, very rich!?Long press the qr code below to register now?After successful registration, you can find a photo of your baby on the “Vote” page to vote.For other awards, a little assistant will contact you to claim the prize after the voting ends on February 6th.If you have any questions about the activity, you can also add the small assistant wechat to ask oh ~

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