China’s figure skating team won the fifth best ever

Quanzhou Evening News · Quanzhou pass client On February 7 (Quanzhou Evening News reporter Wu Congwei) this morning, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games flower skating team final in the capital gymnasium.Pairs free skate, ice dance free dance and women’s single free skate competition.Finally, the teams will be ranked according to the total points of 8 programs of short program and free skating.In the end, the Russian Olympic Team, the United States and Japan won gold, silver and bronze.China, making its first appearance in the final of the team figure skating event at the Winter Olympics, finished fifth with a record 50 points.The double free skating competition took the lead. Peng Cheng and Jin Yang of The Chinese team came out at the end of the competition, dressed in rich Chinese red characteristics, and chose the song from the movie “The Banquet”, which was very powerful performance.The performance was excellent, such as the inner loop after synchronisation, the outer point ice after three weeks and the outer point ice after two weeks, and the double combination rotation.He finished third with 131.75 points and 8 points.The second event is the ice dance free dance competition.China’s Wang Shiyue/Liu Xin came out second with kung Fu Piano, which is very Chinese style.The costume is based on “A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains”. The male partner’s clothes are painted with “blue peaks and overlapping peaks”, and the female’s blue dress is like “floating clouds and green water”.In the first half of the competition, two people combined rotation, one foot continuous step and then lift and other movements are relatively high.The second half of the choreographed dance is very characteristic, the two of them with the “green diffuse dance” Chinese culture will show incisively and vividly.The final score of 107.18 points, ranked fourth and got 7 points.The last event was the women’s singles free skating competition, China’s Zhu Yi appeared.She made another mistake in this match.Zhu broke down and cried after the match, finishing fifth in the rankings with 91.41 points to score six points.

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