Carp “cunning” not easy to catch?These three principles are important to keep you on the right track

Carp is relatively common, belongs to the omnivorous fish, widely distributed, is the freshwater fish in China’s higher yield of fish species, but also many anglers favorite target fish.Especially at this time of year, wild carp fishing can be a treat.Wild fishing friends all know that carp is very “cunning”, not only into the nest slowly, eat bait will not stop testing, often fishing friends in the empty joy of a fish.But some people think carp fishing is not difficult, what is the reason?The problem lies in the method of fishing. Here are some important principles to share.One, according to the habits of carp fishing position belongs to the bottom of the water fish species, like fertile bottom, water grass, rotting plant stems and leaves pile and other places.Daily habitats are more than dark places to avoid time, and they choose different habitats and foraging sites as the seasons change, so it is important to choose the right location.(1) The two water surfaces are connected to both sides of the narrow part: carp like to swim a short distance, and this is the place where carp pass through. If there is no water grass, choose both sides of the joint.If there are water plants, then choose in front of the water plant bright water, from the edge of the water plant about 1 meters best.(2) The bottom of the messy place: generally easy to hang the bottom of the place carp are more, it is best to find the “erdaokan”, that is, the shore to the water suddenly extend more than 1 meter part, there will be a slope or steep slope.If you can’t find it, choose near piers, rocky areas, or bushes.(3) At the inlet: carp like to go up to the water. The water temperature at the inlet is slightly cool, with high dissolved oxygen and more food, so it is the best place to forage.The water flow area has the place of shallow and deep connection, the spring can fish a little shallower, generally recommended about 2 meters.Two, according to fish bait selection “to fish ashore, have to take food for”, want to catch carp, bait selection and collocation can not be ignored.Carp are bottom feeding fish, like to rumble in the bottom of the food, the kind of thick and thin collocation, scattered in the bottom of a pool of bait it prefers.As the weather turns hot, too meat bait is easy to cause miscellaneous fish nest, you can choose light vegetarian bait.Natural baits such as corn, wheat, rice and millet can be used as the base baits, and a small amount of bait can be used to make nesting materials.Nest material to add 3ml of the heart of the lure, the fastest 20 minutes can be nest.After entering the water, the taste quickly spreads to dozens of meters away, the range is very wide, the fish began to bite the hook crazily, the fish is fast and big!They’re two or three kilos of carp, one after the other!In addition, the taste of the lure itself is water grass taste, more natural hormones extracted from the fish body, can be very good to relax the fish vigilance, carp, carp, grass carp and other freshwater fish have a strong temptation.Even in the face of very cunning carp, do some adjustments in bait, add the lure of the heart, not to say the explosion of protection, but the fish will be far more than anglers.Three, according to the weather when fishing carp, need to choose the right time, pay attention to the weather.Both spring and summer are good for carp fishing, but the best fishing times vary.In the spring, for example, you can fish after 8am. In the summer, morning or evening fishing is recommended.Temperature will affect the activity and appetite of carp to a great extent, if the temperature is particularly high and the light is particularly strong when fishing, the effect is generally not very good, it is recommended to choose in cloudy and rainy days or weak light places.Add: carp vigilance is very high, a sound will hide in the deep water grass motionless, after a period of time will resume activities, eat bait will keep testing, at this time must be patient, ignore false signals, do not frequently pole, do not make a loud noise, do not walk back and forth, only waiting in the quiet is the best policy.Conclusion: in fact, carp fishing is not as difficult as we say, as long as the master of good skills, endure loneliness, certainly can get full fish, happy home.

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