A group of female students in zhejiang province were criticized for wearing too little when they took a photo of their “long legs” in their dormitory after their school was closed

University stands for freedom, openness and progress.In order to protect the health of teachers and students, many colleges and universities in China have closed down their schools and are not allowed to leave without special circumstances due to the epidemic prevention and control measures in China.Originally, college students could enter and exit freely, do part-time jobs, punch in and take pictures outside, and go shopping in their spare time.Now they can only be imprisoned in the campus, resulting in a greatly reduced range of activities of college students.In this case, many college students hope to hold more activities to relieve the current boring life, and also hope to add some fun in this boring life.In zhejiang province, a group of girls took a photo of their long legs in their dormitory and were criticized for wearing too little. Many parents wish the school had been closed so that their children would not run around, which would also help their children to study well at school.But it is obviously unrealistic to expect all students to immerse themselves in knowledge.But it’s not hard for current college students to have some fun during their time on campus.College students can also have a lot of fun in their dorms.Zhejiang university girl’s dormitory members, make full use of the space of the dormitory, each person to develop his talents, scene arrangement was made, someone is responsible for the shooting props, and together we will be into a small room, dormitory roommates are also ACTS as a photographer, juicers and the role of modelling division, will eventually be a set of “exquisite” images appear in front of the public.After the girl posted the photos online, she was reviled for wearing inappropriate clothes because her lower body was too cool.This matter occurs in hangzhou university of electronic science and technology in the girl’s dormitory, electronic information prominent features, it is a management discipline superiority, engineering, science, economics, tube, literature, law, art teaching research university, and other multi-disciplinary mutual infiltration is one of the first batch of key construction of five colleges and universities in zhejiang province, the provincial colleges and universities is the only defense characteristic key professional colleges and universities,In such a science and engineering college, the ratio of male to female students is unbalanced, and there will be more male students than female students.As soon as she sent out these photos, she became popular on the whole network and attracted many netizens to imitate her. Therefore, netizens also affectionately called her the “campus flower” of Hangzhou Dianzi University.But after the photo went viral, controversy erupted online.Some people agree and approve of this behavior, thinking that the students have strong innovation ability, can shoot this group of excellent pictures in such a limited space, whether from planning, shooting and conception have a strong sense of independent innovation, netizens think this has reached the professional level.In addition, the heroine of this group of photos is a pure beauty, which is rare in science and engineering colleges, which has become one of the reasons for its popularity.At the same time, netizens believe that the girls in the dormitory can make full use of the resources in their environment to add fun to their boring lives, and the public should also praise such innovative ability.Such a set of photos, after a sonic boom is red, there are also many people joked that the girls become hangzhou university of electronic science and technology of recruit students general rules, also said he would “struggle during the day, I want to take an examination of hangzhou university of electronic science and technology”, causing netizen laugh, but had to admit that this event will also to college recruit students play a positive role in July.But at the same time, some netizens disagree.These netizens said that college students represent young and beautiful images, but the girl in the photo is obviously not dressed properly, the pants are too short, and the attitude in the photo is easy to attract people’s imagination, and the posing action is not elegant, which is not the behavior of the girl.He said such photos should be seen by themselves and there is no need to post them on the Internet, which could harm the image of college students and the university.And someone said, the university should concentrate, this kind of photo and video, and requires a lot of time and energy, need clips and figure, there are a lot of preparation work, students’ main work should be given priority to with learning, should not waste time on these things, if therefore delayed learning, wouldn’t it be worth?Conclusion: Now we all live in this pluralistic era, thought should not “stick to the rules”, should be pluralistic mentality to accept the new ideas of the society.Therefore, in the university, we should advocate more aspects of their own development, do one thing, more should improve their comprehensive strength.In addition, university is a free, open and inclusive campus, which also provides students with many platforms for self-improvement and unlimited possibilities for their future.In the future, students will have more choices after graduation.Students who are criticized should not feel sad, sad, to treat this matter, everyone sees different angles, the standard of judgment is different.Some keyboard nerds should not criticize others as long as they are not hurting others or doing something morally wrong.

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