Wuwei city to promote the work of river and lake chief system remarkable results

Wuwei to rivers long effective system work daily network – wuwei in gansu province (gansu, gansu daily reporter Kim served dry) wuwei in strict accordance with the “water conservancy project to repair short, strong water conservancy industry regulation” of the reform and development of total tone, with all its strength “famous” river lake system long system “solid” have to “, “long rivers system effectiveness is obvious.Wuwei has established a four-level river and lake chief system of city, county, township and village, taking the lead in the province in establishing a reporting system for river and lake chief, and bringing the performance of the river and lake chief system into the performance assessment of leading groups and cadres.Introduced a “long rivers + attorney general, sheriff” joint patrol mode, supervision and management of innovation, created to “investigations of protecting + uav aerial monitoring client + + tour river the masses to report” as the main means of supervision supervision system of lakes, red cliff mountain reservoir bridge neo-treasure hill, tahe willow bay lake gold fish pond encroach on the Banks problem such as the comprehensive rectification XiaoHao,The appearance of rivers and lakes has been significantly improved.Since 2021, the four-level river and lake chiefs in Wuwei have made 41,200 visits to rivers and lakes and supervised and solved 1,641 prominent river and lake problems. The system of river and lake chiefs has shifted from “seeing river chiefs” to “seeing action” and “seeing results”.More than 82,800 tons of river wastes were cleaned up, 160,000 square meters of illegal construction were demolished, 533 kilometers of river waterways were dredged and cleaned up, 445 breeding farms in forbidden areas were relocated, 641 dry latrines were dismantled, and 80 rainwater and sewage outlets were blocked.Through the implementation of the river and lake chief system, Wuwei city has achieved a win-win situation between river and lake governance and ecological civilization construction.Shiyang River successfully established as a national demonstration river and lake, becoming the only demonstration river and lake in the province.In 2021, the amount of water flowing through the Section of Minqin Caiqi reached 274 million cubic meters, and the binding target set in the key control plan has been steadily achieved for 12 consecutive years.Qingtu Lake, which has been dry for 51 years, has a water area of 26.7 square kilometers and a wetland area of 106 square kilometers.

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