The Last supper!Liu Xuezhou’s deathbed aunt cook for it, a meal dumplings into forever memories

The suicide of teenager Liu Xuezhou caused strong echo of the society, 15 years old is flower general age, but Liu Xuezhou chose to leave the world of this profusion however, can imagine how desperate he has at that time.Liu’s woes stem from his biological parents, who abandoned him at birth, were abandoned again when he grew up, and were subjected to cyberbullying.It was unbearable pain for a young child.Looking back on Liu Xuezhou’s short life, there is pain, but also warmth.Although biological parents attitude indifference to him, but every member of the adoptive parents home to make love to him, maternal grandparents to Liu Xuezhou as life, uncle aunt took him as his own son, especially my aunt and Liu Xuezhou relationship is very good, Liu Xuezhou clothes are my aunt for the purchase, my aunt often take Liu Xuezhou also go out to play.Liu Xuezhou is prepared to recognize the consistent opposition in the home, but helpless his attitude is firm, the whole family can compromise, but did not think of the compromise in the home did not bring Happiness to Liu Xuezhou, caused this tragedy instead.Liu Xuezhou had hoped to protect his rights, and he had also found a lawyer to safeguard his legitimate rights and interests.After The death of Liu Xuezhou, zhou Zhaocheng, a lawyer he trusted, accepted the family’s commission and began to protect liu Xuezhou’s rights.Liu Xuezhou aunt and lawyer zhou live when the line mentioned a thing.Although Liu Xuezhou has been 15 years old, but in the eyes of his aunt he is still a child, aunt also said her heart has always treated Liu Xuezhou as a child.When Liu Xuezhou returned home for the last time, his aunt asked him what would you like to eat?I’ll make it for you.My aunt said, “Why don’t I give you steamed stuffed bun? There is a refrigerator you can take there.”Liu xuezhou replied, “No, let’s eat dumplings.”After hearing this, my aunt began to buy meat dumplings.When she said this, my aunt could not help but shed tears, she did not expect this meal would be the last meal with Liu Xuezhou.The meal has become a memory forever.Anyway, Liu Xuezhou living in my aunt’s house also enjoy other children enjoy the love, so you also feel a trace of pleasure to hear that, if there is no endeavoured Liu Xuezhou, he also grow up an adult in my aunt’s house, but all no if, Liu Xuezhou walked and walked with regrets, just sad memories and for everybody and for those responsible to jealousy.

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