How does Yushu develop a towering tree?Do the four steps, the leaf is thick and solid, the main rod is stout and stiff

Yushu is recognized as the best to raise a plant, but also in the family to raise the most of a plant, some people put it into a small pot, bonsai appearance is very beautiful, some people put it into a big pot, tall and sturdy tree beautiful, can grow into a towering tree, very beautiful.It is a plant that can be raised for many years. Some flowers can be raised for decades. As long as you maintain them properly, it is no problem to raise them for hundreds of years.Most people like the way it grows into a towering tree, do not know how to operate, in fact, we can also raise in the family, just need to do four steps, the leaf can become thick and solid, the trunk can be strong and straight.1, keep the trunk if you want to have a great trees in yushu, first make sure the yushu is a with the top, we early to raise the trunk, because as long as the tree in the shape of all want to have a high and thick trunk, so a cutting with top to grow up, grow up to what we want height, such as want to develop one meter high,So get to a meter and 20 centimeters, or about a meter and a half and knock off the top, and let it grow side branches.There is a single trunk at the bottom, and as long as there is a branch on the trunk, cut it off in time, and let only the top grow, so that it can branch quickly, and then the trunk will grow thicker, and the upper part of the tree will be luxuriant.If you raise is a bottom to start with a long branch, so want to raise is impossible, it is best to cut off the other branches, to a new cuttage with a top is the most reliable.2, a branch at the bottom of the trunk has grown since he is to branch, branch, the trunk to grow more secondary branch, the secondary branches to level 3 branches long, so long the crown later sent him to the long enough small branches of lateral bud, then full of leaves at the top, the bottom of the fork is very beautiful.Normally, once the trunk comes out, we want to have at least four to six side branches on the trunk, and these four to six side branches are the secondary branches that we want.But keep in mind that these secondary lateral branch length is generally the least control over 20 cm, too short for our tree not good-looking, if your plant is short, you will control to 10 to 15 cm, so later don’t try so hard in multi-topping according to plant grow collateral, grow up to a certain length will be pinched off the top, and make it grow the third branch, in general,After raising 2 3 branches, if the later period grows branches again, let it grow naturally, side bud more crown width is more good-looking.3, keep the crown after we raise the multistage branches long, as long as other time out we will timely multi-topping collateral, the purpose is to let it grow out enough lateral bud, the whole at the top of the crown above packed full, no clearance, normally reserved four to six leaves will top out, it will quickly go to the length of the new collateral, lateral branch grow out again in multi-topping,Keep doing this until the crown is full and then you can keep it in shape and you can make it very beautiful.4, ACTS quickly control the so-called control ACTS fast long is to prevent it keeps the trunk on the whole have branch a moderate growth, appeared in the process of the crown of branches of moderate growth is very thin, very weak, lodging sagging would happen later, and even grow lateral bud will also very ugly, we want it to grow new leaves hypertrophy, stem stout,When the plant is short, the side buds will look more beautiful, so keep them in the sun during the whole process to make sure they don’t grow empty.If you find that the long fast, thin branches, suggest that you interval a month to give him a short strong element, can effectively prevent.Two or three timely stops will generally dwarf the lateral buds.Let it grow quickly is also a prerequisite for it to grow well, if a seedling to raise the trunk for a few years can not be raised, then you go to raise for 10 years and 20 years can not raise towering trees, so in the whole process to ensure that water and fertilizer is not lacking.Cultivated in the family would suggest that you try to use the soil permeability is better, don’t use pure garden soil, basin with a larger, but don’t use deep basin, watering the soil dry drenched in time, as long as growth don’t lack water, fertilizer regularly use for him, want to rapid growth, the soil surface and slow-release fertilizer, or is the cow dung, sheep dung a point but must use good fermentation,Interval six months sprinkle once, usually irrigate once a month hua duo10 high nitrogen fertilizer, so keep in the home for a year to be able to develop the shape of its whole plant, later to raise the trunk, let the trunk grow thicker, let the leaf grow more can be.Yushu is very good, want to get into towering trees, mainly is to control the body, let whole plant crown main highlight is obvious, minister of the collateral, as long as the trunk of a timely erase, ordinary guarantee the temperature could not less than 15 degrees, let it always is in a state of growth, to keep up with the water will be able to develop rapidly.No accident, want to develop a tree, up to three or five years of time to be able to develop, you can try.Late if the trunk is coarser, raise the shape of a tree, do you want to let him keep, we just need to keep dry to soak, fertilizer can not give him, a few months with a regularly, as long as you don’t you use on a bit long, it at the end of your home in the sun, will always maintain a beautiful shape.

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