Focus on the underlying technology to create the “brain” and “eyes” of the industry

Introduction: With more and more players to join, the domestic machine vision industry ushered in another development tide, the segmentation of the market continues to emerge excellent players.Since its establishment, Baimai technology has always adhered to the line of focusing on the research and development of underlying technology. After 6 years of research and thinking, it now has two branches in positioning measurement and visual detection. The launch of VisionPK and VisionOK software platforms has injected new vitality into the domestic market.After a year, the reporter interviewed again, and listen to The CEO of Baimai Technology Mr. Zhou Fei how to view the development of the current domestic machine vision market, for the company’s future and what new prospects.I am very glad to interview Mr. Zhou again. I remember that at the end of 20 years, Baima participated in VisionChina (Shenzhen) Exhibition for the first time. At that time, Mr. Zhou mentioned in the interview that consumer electronics, semiconductor, new energy vehicles and other industries would usher in good development under the background of urgent upgrading and transformation of the manufacturing industry.Looking back at 2021, the embers of the epidemic are still recurring, but it is difficult to stop the pace of rapid development of these industries.Does Baimai already have a layout for this?What has been achieved?In the post-epidemic period, the industrial manufacturing market needs to face the instability and new pressure of the overall environment, such as the sudden shortage of raw materials, the rapid change of demand and the new normal of labor shortage, but it also brings many new opportunities.More than before, manufacturing enterprises are taking the initiative to strengthen the flexibility and digitization of operations, improve productivity and operational efficiency, and shorten the production cycle, so as to enhance the ability to cope with the crisis, and more effectively respond to external conditions change and impact.At the same time, a series of measures have been taken, for example, through automated equipment monitoring and process control system to strengthen product process management capacity, optimize equipment operation to further improve overall efficiency, improve output and quality to meet changing customer needs.Baimai has set up a visual inspection application ability center to help manufacturing enterprises improve efficiency and product quality through visual inspection and save labor costs.This is a team with comprehensive capabilities, which undertakes the mission of internal and external empowerment, specializes in the research of advanced application technologies and solutions in the industry, and takes root in the needs of the industry to solve industry problems.Not only provide visual inspection application solutions, assist the 3 c electronic and semiconductor manufacturing, such as speed up visual inspection application innovation and application scenarios, also set up a optical laboratory facilities, and equipment dealers and users to carry out the construction of ecosystem, promote industry case evaluation ability, strengthen the operation and application of the visual inspection platform.The project engineer of Baimai is equipped with consultant-level visual project capability and is fully responsible for project evaluation, scheme selection and implementation to guide the efficient progress of the project.VisionPK visual inspection platform is the first of the Wallace for industrial “eyes” and “brain”, mainly by the algorithms of image analysis software, image acquisition, camera, light source, the host and other parts, with completely independent of the underlying technology, provide a complete, mature, high performance algorithms library toolbox, covering general 2 d application of machine vision.The ecological cooperation between Baimai and AOI equipment manufacturers has been successful in batch deployment of applications in a number of industry projects.Through the establishment of the joint laboratory, we effectively transfer the visual ability to partners, and give them the comprehensive ability of professional visual scheme construction, including visual hardware and software knowledge and experience in the operation of detection platform, to solve the detection tasks of various application scenarios in vertical industries.As a result, many smart manufacturers quickly have AOI visual inspection capabilities, which can be integrated and expanded to more areas, addressing technical barriers and achieving cost targets, and achieving import substitution.Second, machine vision software not only has a high starting point of technology and a long development cycle, compared with hardware, there is a higher risk, what is the reason for you to choose machine vision software industry?Since its establishment, Baimai technology has always adhered to the line of focusing on the bottom technology research and development, and successfully conquered the last virgin land of visual machine vision – visual detection.There are a large number of mature automation equipment manufacturers in China, but the visual algorithm software has long relied on the image processing software led by Virtue for secondary development and application, which has poor versatility and long delivery cycle.In the last round of global industrial automation wave, The United States and Japan detection enterprises to solve the positioning measurement problem, since the industrial vision field technology has long been occupied by the United States and Japan.China’s demographic dividend meets the manpower demand of manual inspection in the short term. Coupled with the limitation of hardware and computing capacity, the demand for high-end visual inspection is not strong in the development stage of intelligent manufacturing.Since its establishment, Baimai has been focusing on the most difficult visual detection, specializing in the research of visual detection software and algorithm technology, with excellent defect detection ability and cross-industry universality, so far, it has enabled a large number of equipment manufacturers to successfully build the industry upstream and downstream cooperation ecology.In the field of machine vision software, compared with hardware, the market of industrial vision software is much wider and needs to be developed. We insist on doing this extremely difficult but right thing to fully empower our partners in visual application equipment.Three, throughout the whole machine vision industry, what level do you think the domestic vision software technology is at now?What are the immediate challenges?China is the most active region in the global machine vision market. Economic development has spawned the industrial upgrading tide of intelligent manufacturing and created huge development opportunities for machine vision enterprises.At present, the domestic machine vision industry as a whole is in a period of vigorous development, specific segmentation applications can be roughly divided into two categories, the first is the traditional positioning measurement application, domestic manufacturers are trying to catch up with the American and Japanese enterprises, secondary development scheme manufacturers will gradually withdraw, this segmentation is relatively orderly.The second is the application of VISUAL detection AOI. In the early stage of rapid development of several key industries, such as the screen display industry, overheating phenomenon, from the stage of high expectations into the trough of bubble.The subdivided market shows typical characteristics, although demand is still growing, but many participate in projects for manufacturer highly competitive led to a decline in margins, at the same time, a lack of long-term accumulation of research and development, inadequate technical reserves to comprehensive factors such as response to customer continuously put forward new requirements, forced the industry into more efficient collaboration stage, namely the visual platform and visual application.Faced with the problem that each AOI manufacturer repeatedly manufactured wheels and could not improve the technical level of the industry.Baimai is committed to creating a universal AOI platform — VisionPK is a mature detection platform after many years of iteration, with reliable AOI visual detection capability, and has been fully empowered equipment partners.The simple and easy-to-use characteristics of the platform greatly reduce the deployment and use costs in various application scenarios, providing surging power for the industry to get out of the trough of bubble, and forming an efficient market cooperation ecology of visual platform + visual application.Due to international political factors, the semiconductor industry is accelerating the import substitution process to attract a large number of manufacturers.Compared with foreign manufacturers, which have a natural development cycle of several decades, domestic manufacturers need to concentrate resources to make up for technological shortcomings, and each link has a fine division of labor. Only by relying on each other can they achieve leapfrog development.Industry vision inspection equipment vendors need the vision platform to empower, so as to deeply plow in the vertical field.VisionPK universal AOI platform has realized the requirement of visual inspection AOI covering the whole process segment in the semiconductor industry, including wafer AOI sorting, wafer loading AOI, welding line AOI, finished product AOI, as well as the detection of lead frame and high-density carrier plate.In general, domestic visual detection demand continues to be strong, although there are some overheating investment, fish eye mixed beads phenomenon, but most of the market is entering an orderly and rapid development stage, local areas need to further improve the level of division of labor and cooperation.VisionPK, as a general AOI platform, is a comprehensive enabling equipment supplier in 3C electronics and semiconductor industry to meet the increasing technical requirements of the industry.Iv. Could you introduce VisionPK and VisionOK? What are their competitiveness?Compared with positioning measurement, visual detection requires higher detection function, which is not only reflected in the resolution and weak defect detection ability, but also in the technical quality of scheme evaluators.In order to promote the successful landing of the project, visual detection needs to do a comprehensive assessment in advance, which is undoubtedly a sharp increase in risk for manufacturers with weak visual ability and lengthy coordination links.Baimai Application Capability Center strives to truly empower its visual ability to strategic partners, regularly carries out AOI knowledge training on software and hardware, and shares industry application cases.It not only establishes a full-function experimental environment and is equipped with perfect optical hardware and platform, but also helps partners to build their own vision laboratories and improve their hard and soft strength, so as to accelerate the rapid landing of vision projects and realize the rapid expansion of vision business.Taking international leading technology enterprises as the benchmark, Baimai has successfully broken the long-term monopoly of American and Japanese enterprises in this field by taking the initiative to layout VisionPK and VisionOK vision platforms.VisionPK is the first universal AOI visual detection platform, focusing on high-complexity detection tasks, with its own underlying algorithm library, fully customized detection process, super whole-line networking capability, AI enabling and many other advantages.Equipped with a full series of algorithm modules and distributed process structure, with high-performance detection capabilities, to achieve multiple shooting states, multiple cameras and multiple stations linkage, high compatibility of complex detection requirements.Greatly improve the landing efficiency of visual projects, to fully meet the visual needs of manufacturing industry.VisionOK is a universal positioning and measurement platform, which focuses on universal visual tasks and is equipped with common positioning, measurement, character reading and other standardized algorithm modules. It gives consideration to ease of use and high cost performance, and well meets the detection requirements in common task scenarios.In terms of product strategy, Baimai adopts the brand route of separating AOI application and traditional positioning measurement application, VisionPK has achieved comprehensive coverage of 3C electronics, semiconductor, new energy vehicles and other fields after years of technical iteration, VisionOK general positioning measurement platform, so as to achieve the ultimate out of the box.On the basis of the two visual platforms, Baimai continues to improve and expand the capabilities of the platform, strengthen in-depth research on industrial applications, gather industrial knowledge of different industries, and solve the intelligent needs of specific scenarios, so as to become the real eyes and brain of Intelligent manufacturing in China.V. What changes and new opportunities do you think the machine vision industry will have in the next few years?How do you see these changes and opportunities?What strategic adjustments will BMG make?In the next few years, domestic machine vision enterprises will accelerate the development, the industry will tend to professional division of labor, autonomous vision platform will gradually surpass the American and Japanese brands, grow into the main force of China’s intelligent manufacturing vision technology.At present, most of the domestic machine vision enterprises are factory-oriented visual equipment vendors, most of them adopt the way of secondary development, project landing.Especially in visual detection, it usually requires a large number of r&d personnel to develop and debug on site, with long cycle and low efficiency.The visual industry is gradually stratified under the general trend of specialization, forming a collaborative ecosystem of visual platform companies, visual hardware companies and visual application companies. The former efficiently develops high-end visual technology, while the latter does efficient application implementation.By focusing on the underlying technology and product platform of vision, the eyes and brains of intelligent manufacturing built by Baimai Technology are fully empowering the industry, helping vision application equipment partners to serve end factories at a higher level and efficiency.

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