Community pension needs to strengthen the integration of “medical care” development

The aging of population is a prominent problem currently facing.Most of the elderly are in poor health and have a great demand for medical services. Whether they can integrate into medical services while providing old-age care services has become a concern of the elderly and even middle-aged people.How to combine medical care and pension?Xing Zhiyuan, the committee member, proposed his own view: community home care “medical care” integration service, in addition to providing life care for the elderly, more important is to provide rehabilitation massage, disease diagnosis and treatment and other medical services.The integration of “medical” and “nursing” resources in the community reduces the cost of medical treatment for the elderly, reduces the risk of accidents, and also reduces the burden on families and children.If community elderly service centers can provide medical care, rehabilitation, health care and care in addition to living care such as hairdressing and catering, and set up corresponding facilities and training bases, more jobs will be created.Committee member Xing Zhiyuan said: “Although the city’s combination of medical and nursing services has achieved remarkable results, but medical rehabilitation and health care door-to-door services are still weak links.There is a shortage of home-based care service personnel in the community, and the professional degree of service personnel is low. In particular, it is difficult to recruit general practitioners and nurses in pension centers.I suggest that relevant departments should strengthen cooperation, formulate corresponding supporting policies, establish unified and perfect standards for pension and medical services, regulate medical care behaviors, promote the increase of employment positions and the development of medical rehabilitation industry, and solve the nursing problems of the elderly.We will establish a unified payment system and give financial support to community home care centers.We will include institutions providing integrated medical and elderly care services in designated reimbursements, and gradually increase the amount of payments for serious and chronic diseases.Introduce private medical institutions and accelerate the promotion and application of “family doctor” model.Encourage college and secondary school graduates to work in the community for the elderly, and give corresponding special post subsidies.Strengthening the training of professional service personnel for the elderly in the community can strengthen the integrated development of medical care.”More news sources: Hohhot Evening News reporter Li Meng layout as a whole: Wang Bin proofread: Guo Xiufang First read: Zhang Zhen first trial: Zhang Yi final trial: Alateng statement: unauthorized, prohibit reprinting, the use of this public number original article.Reprint please indicate from Hohhot Daily official wechat;This platform reprinted content source network part, involving infringement please contact delete.News hotline: 0471-6564007 Advertising hotline: 0471-6564037, 6564007

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