Changsha Hisense Square Whoo new curtain

“The History Of Whoo” means queen’s secret, is The south Korean LG Group’s high-end luxury skin care products, derived from The exclusive secret formula Of The palace, so that The majority Of women crazy and fall in love with it, is The pursuit Of high grade, high style Of beauty.Extract precious ingredients, blend modern science and technology into classic formula, create precious appearance for women.On April 8, Whoo’s latest image store was unveiled in Hisense Square, Changsha.Continue the fine gold style of magnificent and refined, low-key and costly black cabinet face, shining bright star, with costly set face brilliant reflection, interweave a noble and elegant Oriental aesthetic atmosphere.Whoo is still adhering to the original aspiration, leading the city queen to open the glorious door, feel the luxury and skin care treatment of both inside and outside, and jointly create the royal beauty muscle of contemporary women.Changsha Hisense Square Whoo new curtain, “after” full of gifts.From now on – April 10, every 600 yuan/liter of Hisense Square offline, 700 yuan, with 50 yuan beauty coupon, but also the opening of 6 benefits enjoy non-stop.01 Spring single products · Luxurious treatment: 1002 selection gift box · Shenghui Collection: Special gift box with a value of up to 1,977 YUAN 03 high-end gift box · Luxurious special benefit: high-end gift box with a value of up to 16 gifts 04 full bonus · After gift to feed:After the purchase of series of products full 3080/5080/8080/10800 get extra value plus gift 05 online blast · Free delivery home: HiU online mall blast 1 piece 15% off, superposition gift as low as 4.4 off 06 value-added dream card · Enjoy promotion: 6 anniversary celebration spend 1000 yuan get 1100 yuan value-added dream card, enjoy promotional activities advertising

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