Witness xiqing speed | nucleic acid sample transfer personnel in a race against time

In nucleic acid testing, fast and safe delivery of nucleic acid samples to test sites is an important part of winning the battle against the epidemic.By zhangjiakou town comprehensive law enforcement Bureau of 26 law enforcement team members of the nucleic acid detection collection and transport group to undertake the arduous task of nucleic acid samples transport, “faster, faster!We need to stay ahead of the virus.”This is the voice of every nucleic acid detection collection and transport group staff.On the fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival, the nucleic acid detection collection, transportation and transfer team set out again, rushing to the sample testing point with the newly collected nucleic acid samples, and began another battle against time.In order to ensure the accurate delivery of all samples within the time limit, members of the nucleic acid testing collection, transportation and transport team established a wechat working group to summarize and analyze the sample data including the number of sealed boxes, the number of submitted samples, the number of transferred samples and the number of received samples every 30 minutes, and continuously optimize the working process.In order to deliver the samples in time, we raced against time to eat lunch and dinner together in the car, reducing the time to take off the protective clothing, and racing against time to “run” the transfer speed for the samples.The transfer of nucleic acid samples is a crucial step in the diagnosis of cases, and all personnel involved in the transfer must strictly follow the procedures.Although transport personnel wear protective clothing, there is still a risk of infection from direct contact with samples during the transfer process.And every link of transport, it is possible to affect the detection results, any link can not tolerate a careless.For each nucleic acid test, the transport personnel will be in place to prepare for transport in advance, and can not leave work until the transport of the last batch of samples and the elimination of the whole vehicle are completed.Sometimes a day down, each member of the transport group has to transport more than 10 times on average, 15 hours of continuous rotation.Even if the day and night are reversed, back pain, these “race against time” law enforcement team members have no regrets, hard work, always stick to the forefront, to fight the “epidemic” victory retrograde, successfully complete the transfer mission.Reporter: Wang Xue Renle Photo: Yue Lei Reprint please indicate the source of “Tianjin Xiqing”

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