Monthly report on market 1 | “beginning” light market in January, urban play 18 number lead

In order to help our users better understand the current situation of the market and the performance of the long period TV drama market, we have launched the TV drama business monthly list and the corresponding market observation monthly report on the basis of the daily list and weekly list.The monthly list of TV drama prosperity shows the top 30 of the monthly comprehensive performance of the first star and first online TV dramas (including TV dramas and network dramas), and the data of last month will be broadcast at the beginning of each month.For specific algorithms, please refer to the data description at the end of the list.Show good month in January, a list of the snow line welding knife, beginning, the perfect partner, ace unit, this life have you, your opponents, mirror the twins, family honor, sleeping, mandy lai garden cat lion reflection, beyond, winning or losing, 2 gold, brave heart, in the world, to have met you, Jiang Zhao dawn, the city of light, the war action on the tip of the tongue of the heart, happiness duet, yesterday have coloured glazeWatts, flying tigers ambitions hero, country love 14, a flash of a shining stars, natural and unrestrained beauty bright light make-up, brothers, I want to and you do the eye corner is your interpretation, true market in broadcast play January 01 January, the size of the market this month the whole in a total of 44 broadcast play, the climate index greater than 0.1 a total of 42 of the premiere of play, new air show to 25 January.The total number of dramas broadcasted in January decreased slightly by 3 compared with December, but the number of new dramas broadcasted in January was relatively large.It shows that the TV drama market is relatively active and competitive before the Spring Festival.Among the top 30 shows in the Business index in January, there were 15 Chinese dramas and 15 online dramas.Seven of the top 10 dramas were stars.In January, the proportion of influential Chinese dramas declined slightly, while that of pure Online dramas rose slightly.At the same time, generally speaking, shows with a popular, sinking orientation do better in January.In January, the business index of 10 dramas exceeded 1, and the market influence of the dramas remained unchanged from the previous month.Among new dramas that started airing in January, the beginning, The Perfect Partner, This Life has You, and The Mirror topped the business index.The Beginning, produced by Midday Sunshine, not only has the highest business index among new shows in January, but also has a very good public praise.Statistically, “The Beginning” has a high TGI score among young viewers under the age of 23.The beginning’s ability to appeal to the post-00s generation, which is generally considered to be a generation that doesn’t like TV dramas, shows the power of fresh material with good interpretation to the young market, and means that long videos don’t necessarily have a future.Looking back on the prosperous development of The Beginning, it first conquered the young netizens and entertainment core audience through social media discussions and other channels, and created a large number of tap water, thus entering the mass market with unlimited flow elements that are relatively new and niche in the domestic market.Its performance also seems to indicate a slight loosening of the standards for contemporary fantasy.But it also has something to do with noon not trying to explain the “loop” and the show’s positive energy.The performance of This life has you also has certain reference value.The main consumer group of this drama, 30-39 years old female audience accounts for the vast majority, is a typical middle-aged idol drama.In 2021, the middle-aged theme has made a collective effort, relatively recent “Stars of the Sea”, “Xiaomin’s Home” and other middle-aged market brand, which shows that many producers are trying to win over the traditional audience who still have the habit of watching TV.”This life has you” is this market, more with dog blood love routine works.The reasons for the success of the play, one is the audience for Zhong Hanliang, Li Xiaoran’s two have a nostalgic filter;Second, the production of this play is realistic, in clothing, scenery, actors and other details are fully life style rather than idol drama style, which is convenient for the middle-aged audience to have a sense of dream.”Dream making with complete logic and realistic sense” has become a common secret for the success of current idol dramas.However, the business index of the drama was still slightly higher and lower, indicating that the audience discussion slightly declined in the latter half of the drama. Some viewers responded that “the two people are not good after being together”, indicating that the biggest selling point of the drama is still the essence of the “dog blood trick”.In addition to “The Beginning”, iQiyi’s “Gold Rush”, the final play of misty Theatre, also has a relatively good reputation.”Gold Rush” is worthy of affirmation, in addition to their own shooting texture, Liao Fan, Chen Feiyu and other performance, but also because of its fresh suspense adventure theme, won a lot of audience affirmation.Admittedly, in the fog theater of the second season, there are many plays that give people the feeling of “going astray”, so the average word of mouth is not good.Even throughout 2021, a number of producers seem to have mistakenly believed that “cinematic quality” and “high quality” are the key to the success of suspense dramas.However, it turns out that suspense network drama market segment audience, for the freshness of the subject matter and story logic requirements are very high, in the absence of logic, how advanced picture texture, the business index can not rise.Gold Rush, on the other hand, has a good combination of fresh subject matter and production texture, especially conquering male audiences in second-tier cities.However, the drama has some flaws in plot cohesion, which belong to the “non-war crimes” in the development of new themes that cannot master the censorship standards.Under the suspense adventure category to which Gold Rush belongs, it has been relying on various tomb raiding IP to provide materials in the past. Gold Rush tries to develop branches of other themes, which is a noteworthy development note of the genre.Among this month’s relatively obscure productions, the most recommended one should be iQiyi’s full-length solo drama Twinkle, Twinkle, Star.This is another time travel through the fantasy elements of the work, opened a section of students love the past.Many audiences have given the comments of “good stamina” and “love the ceiling”, which reached a new height in terms of emotional touching. Although the whole collection has been released, it still has many daily discussions.It is also worth mentioning that in recent years, “secret crush” seems to have become a password for wealth in youth dramas.”Upstream,” a teen drama that performed well last year, also has such elements.It seems that female audiences are more interested in stories about schoolboy boys silently loving themselves.Type drama market In January, the type of dramas in the market, still led by urban dramas in each sector, the number of broadcast continues to maintain at 18, fierce competition.The number of period dramas, one of the biggest components of the market, also cooled in January, leaving it a rare third behind mystery dramas.The following table shows the economic champions of major markets.As the broadcast platform of popular dramas, Tencent Video has a leading performance in exclusive broadcast this month.Online video platform the video platform with the highest market share in January, Tencent Video surpassed iQiyi, the champion of last month, and Youku ranked third.Tencent TV’s number of premieres in January was not as high as iQiyi’s, but the single drama gained a higher prosperity index and won the type champion in many types of drama, indicating that it has obtained more head resources and has a more accurate market strategy.For example, the persistence of period dramas (Swords in the Snow, Mirror, Twin Cities), the gradual catch-up of mass urban works (The Perfect Companion), and the development of new themes such as the Beginning.Iqiyi broadcast 19 dramas in January, the largest number among all platforms, but the single drama business is slightly lower than Tencent Video, which may be related to the recent layoffs of iQiyi and other factors.Choose drama “strategy, iQIYI in January showed a preference for many men to the subject matter, from the military drama” ace forces “, to the national security “rival”, to the male frequency urban drama “lai cat lion reflection”, to adventure theme is “gold” and so on, iQIYI in January to emotional to, love to play less.Youku’s best-performing shows this month all had a certain “dog blood” quality, such as “I Have You” and “Family Glory,” a Hong Kong drama about a powerful family.Youku also for the first time and Tencent video broadcast the ancient costume drama “Mirror Two Cities”.Youku’s deep cultivation also has a good performance in some exclusive markets, such as Hong Kong drama and rural comedy “Country Love 14”.Mango TV’s most talked about shows this month are mainly from Monsoon Theatre, from Sleeping Garden to Dawn of the River, with solid market performance and word-of-mouth.Compared to iQiyi’s Misty Theater, the monsoon Theater’s plays seem to have a more stable reputation so far.However, this has not changed Mango TV’s slightly lower presence in the DRAMA market.At the same time, many hunan TV golden Eagle Theatre plays are not broadcast in Mango TV, which makes mango TV in the current performance is relatively “biased”.Adaptation degree of theme and network platform: Costume drama is the best in Tencent Video this month;Suspense drama, period drama and Military script performed best in IQiyi in Month;Best performance in Youku in urban Script month;The TV station with the highest market share of drama business in January was CCTV8.CCTV8 won the championship with the excellent business performance of dramas such as “The Sword in the Snow” and “This Life has You”. In January, CCTV8 had 5 premieres on the list.Hunan TV was runner-up for “Perfect Companion” and “Sleeping Garden.”CCTV1 rose quickly with Beyond and The World and won the third place.The adaptation degree of theme and TV station: Hunan TV has the best performance in urban script month;Suspense drama, period drama this month’s best performance is CCTV8;Period drama and youth drama performed best in CCTV1;Military script month’s best performance is Jiangsu TV.Production and production performance of this month In terms of the production of video platform, among all the plays broadcast this month, Tencent led 2 productions and participated in 3 productions, with the representative work “City of Light”.Iqiyi led the production of 5, and participated in the production of 3, representative of “Army Ace”.Youku led the production of 2, participated in the production of 3, the representative work “Family Glory”.Mango TV led the production of 3, representative “Dawn of the River”.Other producers and producers with bright market shares are: Noon Sunshine leads the production of The Beginning;Tang Film and Television led the production of The Perfect Partner;Lime Meng film led the production of 2, representative work “Xiao Min family”.The star producer of January is noonday Sunshine.With 15 episodes, The Beginning has become the first hit of 2022 and broadened the theme for Domestic dramas.And, although the midday sun film and television has many hot city, time and other subject matter works, but in the past in suspense drama results and public praise is not bright, this also achieved a breakthrough.Writing: Su Qinde tower, science and technology, film and television data monitoring | to environmental scanning solutions | competition propaganda strategy consulting copyright statement: DE tower, film and television media, is committed to publishing original video data interpretation and watch the film and television market, reprint please indicate the source and the author, the public, to apply for reprint please leave a message at the end of the article.De Tawen list algorithm design, layout design and the copyright of the original content of the public account are all owned by De Tawen Technology, please do not pirate, piracy will be prosecuted.

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