High cost performance to outrageous, low and high with said is zero run C11 bar

For pure trams with limited cost, not paying attention to shape design once became a big pain point for such models. However, with the continuous rise of new energy vehicles in China, it has become a consensus to pay more attention to personality and fashion expression.In modeling, more models began to use a large number of “rounded corners” design elements, which is also the consistent style of many car series in recent years.Whether it is the headlights, or round side mirrors and “harmless” hub modeling, all show a dynamic temperament.In terms of design, the Zero-run C11 follows the brand’s more rounded design style, and the enclosed grille design is also immediately recognizable as a pure electric car.And the flank line of fruity headlamp, fluent and curvaceous wheel hub, was full of thick motion feeling.The event will run from April 5, 2022 to April 5, 2022

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