Hard work sail 2021 Shanxi investment promotion how well

In 2021, Shanxi signed a total of 2,808 investment attraction projects, with a planned total investment of 1,633 billion yuan, completing 163.3% of the annual investment attraction contract target of 1 trillion yuan.2,718 projects were started to attract investment, with a planned total investment of 757.73 billion yuan, 252.6% of the annual target of 300 billion yuan.Among the projects started, 2675 projects were signed and started in that year, and the operating rate of the contracted projects was 95.3%.The investment of fixed assets investment projects has reached 199.42 billion yuan, which is 199.4% of the annual target of 100 billion yuan.Funds for non-fixed asset investment projects reached 29.2 billion yuan, 194.7% of the annual target of 15 billion yuan.In 2021, the department of investment promotion system in Shanxi Province as a whole to promote the key joint, key industrial linkage, key regional synergy, innovation investment way, speed up the project to the ground, to strengthen regional cooperation and build brand exhibition, optimize the business environment, omni-directional, multi-channel investment promotion work, the successful completion of each task.In particular, under the joint efforts of the Working Committee of Minzong-Overseas Chinese and Overseas Chinese of Shanxi Provincial People’s Congress, the Legal Working Committee of Shanxi Provincial People’s Congress, the Department of Justice of Shanxi Province and other departments, the Regulations on promotion of Foreign Investment in Shanxi Province has been legislated by the Provincial People’s Congress and officially implemented on January 1, 2022, marking that the investment promotion work in Shanxi Province has stepped into the legal track.With the strength of unity, to interpret the original aspiration, and to fulfill the mission with hard work, Shanxi invested in promoting this year, and delivered an excellent answer.Multiple measures will be taken simultaneously to promote targeted investment attraction with high efficiency, focusing on key industries, and strengthen project planning.In 2021, Shanxi Investment Promotion Bureau plans to launch 315 key investment attraction projects with a total investment scale of 420.34 billion yuan. It will print investment Attraction Project Volume of Shanxi Development Zone and Key Investment Attraction Project Volume of Shanxi Province in English and Chinese to carry out multi-dimensional “online and offline” publicity.Carry out the major starting point of investment attraction signed projects, take a bottom view of 578 investment attraction signed projects not yet started in 2020, sort out and integrate the signed projects on major events in Shanxi Province since 2021, and consolidate responsibilities layer by layer.A series of documents, such as The Notice on Strictly Doing a Good Job in the Examination and Approval of Investment Attraction Projects and the Notice on Adjusting the Statistical Caliber of Investment Attraction Projects, were issued to lay a foundation for the efficient development of project statistics.We have cooperated with third-party accounting firms to review nearly 3,000 projects and established a regular communication mechanism with statistical departments.We will lay a solid foundation for investment promotion and strengthen policy research.Compiled and completed the “14th Five-year” Development Plan for Investment Attraction in Shanxi Province “and” 2021 Compilation of Preferential Policies for Investment Attraction in Shanxi Province (provincial and municipal) “;Revise and improve the Measures for Investment Attraction assessment of Shanxi Provincial Government’s Overseas Offices (China Merchants Bureau);The map for Investment Attraction of Strategic Emerging Industries in Shanxi Province has been compiled, and the 1.5 and 2.0 maps for different industries have been continuously released.Establish merchant information management system, fully integrate merchant resources formed by investment attraction activities, exhibitions, team docking, project negotiation, etc., and input more than 12,000 valid data of merchants.We will actively carry out targeted investment promotion for small teams.Organize relevant cities and development zones to “go global” to visit enterprises and industrial institutions in bohai Rim, Yangtze River Delta, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao;In the future jin inspection enterprise institutions “please come in”, actively assist to do the relevant docking work.In the whole year, we went to Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Hainan and other places to contact with 570 enterprises and industry institutions.Received to Jin inspection of 87 enterprises.13 cooperation intentions have been reached, and 5 projects have been implemented.High-level promotion, department linkage, joint thematic investment activities.In the form of “promotion meeting” + “Project connection area” + “closed-door meeting”, 17 special investment promotion and large-scale promotion meetings were held throughout the year, and 80 projects (18 framework agreements and 62 investment cooperation projects) were signed, with a total investment of 154.59 billion yuan.In 2021, Shanxi Investment Promotion Bureau successfully held the 12th Central China Investment and Trade Expo by adopting the “1+N” mode of combining online and offline and the main venue with four sub-venues for the first time.A total of 1012 enterprises from 15 countries and merchants from other provinces were invited to participate in the expo, including 218 multinational companies, the largest number of previous central China expo.Shanxi Province exhibitors signed 36 projects, the contract amount of 11.653 billion yuan, 11 cities characteristic product fair, order fair signed 206 projects, the contract amount of 13.888 billion yuan.We will organize and participate in key exhibitions such as The Import Expo, consumer Goods Expo, Service Trade Fair, Silk Expo, Western China Investment Fair, Youth Investment Fair, Lanzhou Investment Fair, Food Expo, Cifit, Northeast Asia Expo, And Manufacturing Expo, and keep closer investment attraction and cooperation between regions to carry out targeted investment attraction.The 21st China International Fair for Investment and Trade Shanxi Province won the “Creative Characteristic Booth Characteristic Award”;The 18th “China Exhibition Star” annual Glory ceremony won the “China Excellent Exhibition Organization”, “National Advanced Exhibition Work Unit”;Shanxi won the excellent organization award in the 20th China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo.To participate in the signing of agreements between the provincial government and China State Construction Group Co., LTD., China Citic Group Co., LTD., China General Technology (Group) Holding Co., LTD., China Resources Group Co., LTD., and China Power Construction Group Co., LTD.It has organized relevant agreement units to carry out docking and exchanges, promoted multi-level and wide-ranging cooperation, and preliminarily formed a new model of inter-provincial agreement promotion in each region.We will carry out the activity of “Going to grassroots level in the Spring Festival”.I visited the front-line staff of the chamber of Commerce enterprises to express sympathy for them during the Spring Festival, interviewed and reported their work and life, and supported the development of the chamber of Commerce with practical actions.Actively docking Shanxi Province overseas Jin businessmen.Successfully held the Shanxi Transformation and Development Conference for Shanxi Merchants and Talents at home and abroad, signed a total of 33 projects and agreements, with a total investment of 121.04 billion yuan.Deepen provincial and school cooperation, establish alumni investment base.It has made contact with the alumni associations of 95 universities across the country.Escort enterprises can effectively improve the business environment and strengthen the coordination of case acceptance.Throughout the year, 8 coordination cases were accepted and 6 cases were settled, with a case settlement rate of 75%.Provincial level to establish systematic and specialized foreign investment enterprise complaint service work joint conference system, and into the private enterprises in Shanxi Province appeal to handle the work way “to accept the channel, the problems and difficulties existing in the process of project implementation, the resultant force to promote synergy related departments to solve, to break the barriers of difficult single area dealing with complaints.At present, 11 cities in Shanxi Province have basically established the complaint service mechanism of foreign investment enterprises at the municipal level.Shanxi Investment Promotion Bureau has become a member unit of the leading group of deepening the reform of “delegating power, delegating power and providing services” to optimize the business environment in Shanxi Province, providing a strong support for the deep integration of investment promotion of cities and counties with optimizing the business environment in Shanxi Province and comprehensively improving the “soft environment” for investment promotion.”96301″ investment service hotline consultation answers, information sharing, service investment, promote cooperation and accept complaints to fully reflect the role.Building brand High quality publicity closely around “investment in Shanxi Province” brand image construction, the investment promotion bureau of Shanxi Province by 21 # WeChat public link central medium, provincial media 10, cities and counties in media 58, medium 25, forming a union + a + a + a net platform ports in the promotion of the matrix, “investment in Shanxi Province” brand, opening to the outside world a new image.Introduce video + photo “dual live broadcast”.Actively organize relevant media to publicize and report the exhibition activities organized by Shanxi Province, such as The Youth Investment fair, Xiamen Investment Fair, China Hi-tech Fair, etc., and conduct free live broadcast for shanxi exhibitors. There are more than 30 enterprises serving the youth investment Fair, more than 130 enterprises serving the Xiamen Investment Fair, and 48 enterprises serving the 27th Beijing Health and Welfare Conference.Launch shanxi public channel investment shanxi propaganda activities, up to now has broadcast 75 periods.The Publicity Work System of Shanxi Investment Promotion Bureau (Trial) was formulated to promote the standardization and institutionalization of publicity work.In 2021, shanxi provincial direct departments, provincial government offices (China Merchants Bureau), cities, counties (cities, districts), development zones pay close attention to investment promotion, investment promotion work for Shanxi Province has made a positive contribution.(China Enterprise News reporter Zhang Xiaoxiao shanxi report)

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