Eun jeong broke the record for the start of a snowmobile and ate a lot of lard bibimbap to gain weight

Yin Zheng finished fifth in the steel bobsled race.Photo/Xinhua Beijing News (Wang Jisong) China’s Yin Zheng finished fifth in the men’s skeleton bobsled event on Feb. 11. Although he failed to finish on the podium, the fifth place was good enough for Yin zheng, a first-time Olympian.It is worth noting that Yin Zheng set a track start record of 4.60 seconds in the first round of steel frame bobsled in Beijing Winter Olympics.In the final round, he again showed his strong start speed, setting a new start record of 4.58 seconds set a day earlier.In an interview, Yin said speed was his biggest advantage.In the college entrance examination, he was admitted to Beijing Sport University by virtue of his sprint skills.Before that, he ranked 3rd in men’s 100 meters and 6th in men’s 200 meters at shanxi Provincial Track and Field Championships in 2014. He also won the gold medal in men’s 100 meters in 2015.In 2015, after the national Skeleton snowmobile Training team was established, Yin zheng, who was still studying in Beijing Sport University, was selected to the team after a number of tests by the coaches.Yin zheng’s biggest advantages are the sprinters’ explosive power and the ability to push the sled and start strong, which makes his start world-class.But She also suffers from a lack of weight. “If you are underweight, you have to sled harder to keep it steady, and if you sled harder, it definitely affects your starting speed,” she said.Yin zheng, who weighed 75 kilograms at the time, set a goal: to gain 78 kilograms.According to Yin, in order to gain weight, he ate a lot of meat every day and sometimes even had extra meals, but the results were never satisfactory.Eventually, he started eating rice with lard every day, and even that didn’t work.Yin zheng said, this is a physical problem, no matter how you eat it is difficult to eat fat, “can only try to maintain weight, not to lose too much.”Beijing News reporter Wang Jisong editor Wang Chunqiu proofread Liu Baoqing

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