Dream linkage!CCTV Spring Festival Gala hides Easter eggs

The 2022 Spring Festival season officially kicked off on February 1st, with eight new films debuting at the same time, showcasing their talents in the most valuable season of the year.But eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed that during the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, which was held on Jan 31, the main actors of the Year of the Tiger’s Spring Festival blockbusters had already appeared in preparation for the cinema meeting the next day.Sniper director Zhang Yimou made his first appearance at the opening show of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala called happy Auspicious Year.Although Zhang only mentioned the Winter Olympics, which begin on Feb 4, his appearance was a reminder to some viewers: “Remember to see my Sniper at the cinema tomorrow!”It has to be mentioned that in the year of the Tiger’s Spring Festival presale score table, the war film “Sniper” has a somewhat unexpected performance, in both the number of screenings and presale box office, it is in the third tier, even less than the latest big film “Boonie bears” market share.Zhang yimou, director of The Chinese film festival, recently joined the livestreaming campaign to urge movie theater managers across the country not to only schedule screenings of sniper in the morning and at midnight. He stressed that sniper is a work of a lot of people’s efforts, and urged theaters to “not only schedule screenings at midnight.”If Sniper, which has not performed well for the time being, can make a comeback during the Spring Festival, the word-of-mouth feedback on the opening day of the first lunar New Year’s Day is crucial. If the first wave of audience gives a high evaluation, Then Mozi has a chance to make a comeback.After the opening show happy Auspicious Year, Yi yangqixi performed the song Sense of The Times with Li Yuchun and Deng Chao.A few hours later, Yi will appear in two films at the same time: Watergate Bridge, the sequel to Chojin Lake, the highest-grossing film in Chinese history, and Miracle, A Fool Child, a new film from Dying to Survive director Wen Muye.At present, these two films are the first and second place respectively in the pre-sale box office of the Spring Festival. In particular, “Watergate Bridge of Jangjin Lake”, which is far ahead in the pre-sale stage, has been the first place in the industry’s pre-booking box office of the Spring Festival.At the age of 22, Jackson Yi has a promising career in the film industry.In a previous poll launched by Jimu News, the sketch “Not yet” was selected as “the most anticipated Spring Festival Gala program by netizens”.The program by “happy Mahua” main members Shen Teng, Ma Li, Chang Yuan, Alan hand in hand to serve, about the “old Lai” rich not to return the heart course.This Spring Festival, shen Teng and Ma Li will star separately in han Han’s four Seas and the only popcorn comedy the Killer is Not Too Calm.Coincidentally, the two films are currently close to each other in presale sales, with both leading the second tier behind “Watergate Bridge”.Shen Teng and Ma Li who in the field of film “goods” ability stronger?It’s easy to know when you bump into it during Spring Festival.These Easter eggs hidden in CCTV’s Spring Festival Spring Festival Gala show are also a way to verify the popularity and audience of these filmmakers.After all, actors who dare to enter the Spring Festival must have some skills.Many eagle-eyed netizens also noted that wu Jing, the king of emojis and a famous actor, did not appear in this year’s CCTV Spring Festival Gala, “What a pity!”But then I thought, “That’s okay. By the first light of day, I’m going to rule the country’s movie theaters!”According to Jimu news, Wu Jing has been busy shooting the wandering Earth 2, a film directed by Guo Fan, which is scheduled to be released on the first day of the Chinese New Year in 2023.Moviegoers may remember that domestic sci-fi blockbuster “The Wandering Earth” became a surprise hit on the first day of 2019, earning 4.686 billion yuan at the box office and currently ranking fifth in China.The sequel took four years to shoot, which shows that the creators are treading on thin ice and committed.It can be expected that this year’s Spring Festival, the limelight is the watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake, starring Wu Jing, and next year’s Spring Festival, Wu Jing’s Wandering Earth 2 will also be the strongest competitor.Perhaps the Easter egg of the Spring Festival Gala in the Year of the Rabbit is astronaut Wu Jing.More exciting information please download “extreme news” client in the application market, do not reprint without authorization, welcome to provide news clues, once adopted will pay.

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