Because we are communist party members

Zhangmai Village, 8 kilometers away from the township government, is a semi-farming and semi-grazing village, belonging to Kaige Township, Longkazi County, Shannan City, Tibet Autonomous Region.In the village, Luo Buciren is 60 years old. He has no children, no spouse and no family members. He is a five-guarantee household.In early July 2020, Luo Buciren was partially paralyzed due to intestinal ulcer, anemic heart disease, cerebral infarction and other syndromes. Upon learning about the situation, members of the Second Party Branch of Zhangmai Village quickly sent Luo to the Second People’s Hospital of Tibet Autonomous Region for treatment.At the end of August 2020, Robb Tsering was discharged from hospital.During the treatment, two Party members took a shuttle bus every day from Zhangmai village to the Second People’s Hospital of The Tibet Autonomous Region, more than 100 kilometers away, to take turns to look after Luo.Their families were not rich, some depended on farming at home, planting wheat, highland barley and rape to support their family expenses, some depended on migrant work to support the family, and some families were not long out of poverty and faced some difficulties in life, but they all generously raised funds to help Luo Buciren tide over the difficulties.The picture shows the party members help cannot provide for oneself LuoBuCiRen toenails trimmed, the party members in LuoBuCiRen home ground covered with thick pads, party members help LuoBuCiRen cleaning chores LuoBuCiRen in stable condition after, the party members still every day three meals a day for him, help him clean the family health on a regular basis, sorting indoor items, change the sheets bedding bag and clothes,He washed his hair, face and body.To prevent robb tsering from stumbling when he walked with his crutches, they covered the corners of robb tsering’s house with thick cushions.One or two days of help, one or two months of persistence, may not be what, but as always, the heart of helping others is sincere.More than 600 days and nights, the members of the Second Party Branch of Zhangmai Village have been doing the same thing repeatedly — helping Luo Buciren with his daily life.Their actions radiate a pristine yet timeless glow.”Nima Ciren, a 74-year-old veteran party member, had a wife who was partially paralyzed, and he couldn’t see or move easily. He couldn’t take care of Luo, but he often asked his children to take care of Luo.”Zhang Mai village rural revitalization specialized qu Zong careful way.The second branch of the Party in Jangmai village has 26 members, and even the most educated are only in high school.Their educational background is not high but consciousness is not low, although the lack of understanding and contact to the world outside the village, but not lack of communist that simple and sincere.Perhaps the best explanation for them is that “organizationally joining the Party once in a lifetime, ideologically joining the Party forever”.”The Party’s kindness is boundless. My grandfather and father used to be serfs. They never had a next meal, slept in cold, dark rooms, and had no clothes to wear.After the peaceful liberation of Tibet, they really realized the transformation of turning over and becoming masters.Now, whenever people have difficulties at home, the Party and the government will do their best to help them.We can have a better today, really inseparable from the Party’s affectionate care and care.”Zhang Mai village village committee director Zhasang said affectionately.”We are Communist party members. If we don’t help the people when they are in trouble, who will?If not a communist, who?”Zhang Mai village party general branch first secretary Mi Ma impassioned said.”If the beginner’s mind has a color, it must be a Party member’s red.”For zhang Mai village second party branch all party members, this is not only a resounding slogan, but also action, responsibility, commitment.”Taking care of Robb ciren is a voluntary action of all party members, and we will stick to it all the time. What we can do now is to let the elderly enjoy their old age without any worries.”Zazan’s words were simple and powerful.(Correspondent for China Xizang Net/Wang Yao)

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