Wu Jing’s “Watergate Bridge” has become the eighth highest-grossing film of all time, while “Miracle” has accumulated 1.19 billion yuan

“Watergate Bridge,” directed by Tsui Hark and led by Wu Jing and Yi Yangqixi, took in $51.43 million, ranking no.1 in the single-day box office. Its 20.1 percent release earned 24.9 percent of the box office, with an attendance rate of 10.3 percent.”The Killer,” directed by Xing Zhixiong and starring Ma Li and Wei Xiang, earned 45.1 million yuan, ranking second at the single-day box office, with 18.7 percent of screenings taking in 21.8 percent of the total box office and 10.8 percent of attendance. Its cumulative box office in 19 days is 2.23 billion yuan.Directed by Wen Muye and led by Yi Yangqianxi, “Miracle: A Silly Kid” took in 29.03 million yuan, ranking third on the one-day box office chart, with 13.1% of screens taking in 14.0% of the box office and 12.5% of the attendance. Its cumulative gross in 19 days is 1.190 billion yuan.The British classic “Death on the Nile” took in $24.75 million on its opening day, placing it in fourth place at the single-day box office. 12.9 percent of the screen took in 11.9 percent of the box office, with an attendance of 8.5 percent, and a midnight screening total of $24.98 million.”Our East Olympics” took in 19.78 million yuan on its opening day, ranking fifth in the single-day box office chart. 13.4 percent of the screen took in 9.5 percent of the box office, with an attendance rate of 9.5 percent, and a cumulative box office of 20.1 million yuan for midnight screenings.February 18, 2022 Online film box office split: Directed by Chen Xiang, led by Leng Meng and MAO Tai, starring Motuo Head, Zhu Xiaoming, Wang Zha and Runtu, Chen Xiang’s Mother of The Boxing King at 6:30 attracted 748,000 viewers on its first day of release, and its split box office reached 1.385 million yuan.A Man’s Creed, starring Simon Yam and LAN Xin Zhang, attracted 592,000 viewers and earned 1.106 million yuan at the box office, with a total of 6.794 million yuan within three days of its release.”The Castle Peak Begonia” attracted 185,000 viewers, with a box office of 554,000 and a total of 11.824 million in nine days online.Wu Mengda starred in The Origin of A Chinese Odyssey, which attracted 96,000 viewers and earned 384,000 yuan at the box office. The total box office reached 6.863 million yuan in eight days.”Snake 3: Dragon and Snake War” attracted 55,000 viewers and earned 246,000 yuan, with a cumulative box office of 22.541 million yuan in 28 days.

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