Video | Solar water leakage rooftop view trapped, the woman was rescued still feel afraid to keep crying

Yangzi Evening News network On February 16 (reporter Puxiaoxuan reporter Chen Yong) February 15 afternoon, Nanjing Pukou district has a woman because of the solar water leakage in the home, then on the roof of the roof to check, the result is afraid of heights dare not come down, but had to call the police for help.Fortunately, firefighters arrived in time, using professional tools to free her, but she was still scared, has been crying.2 p.m., Pukou District Bridge Forest full-time fire rescue station received police reinforcements police situation, said jiangpu street Gaowang new apartment 15 roof, there is a woman trapped on the rooftop dare not come down.After receiving the report, the rescue station immediately dispatched three cars 16 people rushed to the scene of rescue.Firefighters arrived at the scene, found a middle-aged woman dressed in purple cotton-padded clothes squatting on the roof roof crying, the mouth has been Shouting: “dare not go down, dare not go down.”After questioning, firefighters learned that the woman found water leakage in her home at noon. She suspected that the solar energy installed on the roof was broken, so she climbed to the roof alone through the patio at the top of the stairs to check.After checking the solar energy situation, she was ready to return from the original way, but as soon as she looked down at the patio, her legs trembled and she dared not climb down.Subsequently, she launched sorrow on the rooftop, left and right after the helpless report to the police.After learning of the situation, firefighters quickly launched a rescue.They tied a safety rope around the woman’s waist and secured her with a triangular sling before using a horizontal bar ladder to lower her slowly from the patio.During this period, in addition to the above left firefighters holding the rope, firefighters below to meet, there is also a firefighter to help her down to ease her fear.After landing safely, the woman repeatedly said “thank you,” but she could not help crying because she was afraid.The firemen calmed her down until they returned her to her home.Proofreading faye wong

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