The second Hospital of LANZHOU University supported the second medical team of the New District branch of the Provincial Hospital to carry out medical treatment in the isolated ward smoothly

On March 19, the second medical team of the second Hospital of Lanzhou University went to the new District branch of the Hospital to carry out medical treatment of confirmed cases in the isolation ward according to the unified arrangement and deployment of the Provincial Health Commission.After arriving in the new district, the medical team quickly checked into the hotel and went to the New District branch of the Provincial Hospital to participate in the training and assessment of hospital infection prevention and control knowledge.Meng Ling, member of the provincial expert group and deputy director of the medical Department of the second Hospital of Lanzhou University, trained and explained theoretical knowledge to all members of the medical team, and organized provincial experts to wear and take off protective clothing for the medical team members one by one, and all members of the medical team passed the assessment.On the morning of 20 March, the medical team entered the isolation ward (the uncontained ward) in batches to familiarize themselves with procedures and information systems.At 13:00 on the same day, the medical team officially entered the hospital and took over the isolation ward 4 on the 12th floor of the New District Branch of the Provincial Hospital, and completed the handover work with the first medical team of the hospital according to the established process.With firm faith and high morale, the team members actively devoted themselves to the medical treatment of confirmed cases in the isolation ward.Under the guidance of party building, we are working together to fight the epidemic.The party Committee of the hospital approved the establishment of the second Hospital of Lanzhou University to support the second medical team of the new district branch of the provincial Hospital.He Bo, secretary of the temporary party branch, leads the members to work actively and gives full play to the exemplary role of the fighting fortress of the party branch and the vanguard of party members.Standardize diagnosis and treatment, process first, system based.The medical team consists of 89 members from different departments of the hospital, including 24 doctors, 58 nurses and 7 hospital nurses.The team members have different professional backgrounds. In order to facilitate the rapid diagnosis and treatment work in a strange environment, team leader Wu Fanqi and head nurse Ma Xiaohong led the team to quickly sort out the diagnosis and treatment work procedures and form rules and regulations.At the same time, in order to make diagnosis and treatment more standardized, all medical staff strictly implement 18 medical quality and safety core systems to ensure medical quality and safety.An expert group was established within the team, whose members included respiratory, critical care, cardiovascular, neurology, Traditional Chinese medicine, mental health and other specialties. After taking over the ward, the expert group members in the team first made a detailed assessment of the patient’s condition, and the three-level doctor round system was implemented during the diagnosis and treatment.Integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine, body and mind treatment, the implementation of individual diagnosis and treatment plan.There are a total of 40 beds in isolation ward 4, and a total of 39 patients were admitted to the ward at the peak of patients, most of whom were asymptomatic or only accompanied by mild respiratory symptoms, and a few ordinary patients with few lung lesions.For the majority of mild patients, mainly through the combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine for treatment, while doing a good job of psychological counseling.For the general type of patients, according to the COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment protocol (Trial Version 9), the daily prone position ventilation time of patients was recorded, and immunity-enhancing and anticoagulant therapy was given when necessary;Shang Junfang, a member of the provincial TCM group for COVID-19 treatment and deputy chief physician of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the Second Hospital of Lanzhou University, entered the ward every day to ensure that “one person is responsible for one policy” and “one person is responsible for one party”. He also reported and communicated with Zhang Zhiming, leader of the provincial TCM expert group and president of the Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and adjusted the TCM treatment plan in time.Psychological doctor Kong Yan had participated COVID – 19 confirmed cases of psychological counseling and treatment work, to take over the ward after all diagnosed patients for the psychological assessment in time, according to assess the situation given symptomatic treatment, psychological counseling and necessary drug treatment, psychological assessment and the medical team the team on a regular basis, psychological intervention in time when problems found.There were also several elderly patients with underlying diseases and unaccompanied children in the ward. The medical team also strengthened medical treatment and humanistic care for them.For elderly patients with underlying diseases, the medical team reported the patient’s condition in a timely manner, submitted to the provincial expert group for consultation every day as required, and adjusted the diagnosis and treatment plan and Chinese medicine prescription in time according to the patient’s condition change.For no guardian to accompany children patients, the medical team also arrange by experienced paediatrician Yang Baowang responsible for treatment, and to strengthen the concern and care of these children, the players to bring their fruit, yogurt, snacks and actively share with these children, and in the wards to carry out the theme of “do it ourselves” activities, encourage children above activities,Take the initiative to wipe the bedside table, make the quilt and other things within their power, dance aerobics with the adult patients in the ward, improve immunity;They also distributed colored paper and brushes to children, encouraged children to fold paper and draw, greatly reduced their time playing with mobile phones, and timely communicated with children’s families, so that parents feel at ease.The medical team has been holding regular working meetings every day, timely reporting, arranging and deploying relevant medical treatment, hospital infection prevention and control, and resident management. It has been carrying out special activities of “Everyone is a practitioner of hospital infection prevention and control, and everyone is a supervisor of hospital infection prevention and control”.During the daily working meeting, meng Was invited by the medical team to report the risk points of hospital infection prevention and control in the isolation ward on that day.Medical team, nursing team, school group, TCM group, psychological intervention group, the hotel compound management group and general group leader will report the daily work in the case of, in the present work will risk points bulletin, alert all the players focus on the patient’s medical care and hospital control and prevention, avoid court sense of risk.Wu Fanqi reported on the adjustment of key patients’ diagnosis and treatment plans, routine diagnosis and treatment, and writing of medical records.Ma Xiaohong summarized and commented on the development of ward nursing, risk prevention and control of hospital infection, and ward elimination.Hospital sense team leader Gao Yinsheng from the sick area hospital sense of risk points, two or two off the existing problems for notice, remind all the team members;Li Yingjia, the leader of the general Affairs group, reported the application situation of material reserve and the safety situation of protective materials every day to guide the members to choose protective materials accurately and rationally.He Bo conveyed the relevant content of the morning shift of the provincial dispatching meeting and the new District branch of the Provincial Hospital, emphasized the key work, answered and pacified the problems concerned by the team members, checked the gaps, and achieved the purpose of continuous improvement.All team members work carefully, without complaints, cooperate with each other, and actively carry out the work.The nurse is caring and responsible.In order to do a good job in the isolation ward nursing xiao-hong ma, paramedics structure based on the characteristics of ward patients, nursing staff can be divided into 6 groups, and each group by one head nurse to serve as team leader, every group has a pediatric, intensive nursing staff on duty, ensure the normal medical nursing in patients with ward key.In addition, nursing sister completes the nursing ward round, health education, psychological counseling, and children to establish good relations, to check the doctor’s advice, transfusion blood and measurement of vital signs, distributing food, supervise and urge to drink Chinese traditional medicine, hot water, hair mask, supervision and prone position ventilation, improve the nursing records, medical drugs, ward sanitizers, dealing with medical waste, everybody busy and cautious, careful and detailed.If the supervision is to escort us, then the supervision is to keep out the wind and rain for us.The supervisor shall ensure that the protective clothing of every medical worker entering the isolation area shall be correct and complete, and the protective masks shall be tightly closed.Every 4 hours, the surface of all rooms in the cleaning area, the ground, every corner for cleaning disinfection, men’s and women’s changing rooms for cleaning, ultraviolet disinfection.Jian Tuo gang is a man who can shelter us from the wind and rain, he will say to us “I am in your side”, please do the hand eliminate, do not bow, careful clothing edge, slow action……A pair of bright eyes, a pair of warm hands gave us endless power.From dawn to dusk, from midnight to dawn, the medical team will care and love selflessly dedicated to every patient.Until the spring, we and this city once again affectionate embrace!Meng Ling to mount guard in front of the hospital medical sense knowledge training school at the provincial level expert group for the medical team one by one, wear protective clothes off before mount guard assessment teams are rounds a medical team of secretary-general of every girl with TCM group leader ShangJunFang rounds, and encourage patients to actively cooperate with treatment hospital feeling supervisor to take off the part is assisting nurses measures protective clothing,The nursing team carried out nucleic acid sampling, oxygen saturation detection, and humanistic care. The nursing staff in the clean area supervised the wearing of protective clothing of medical staff, insisted on environmental sampling, and did not let go of a detail of the medical team to send their own supplies to patients.The nutritionally balanced medical team that cares for and cares for patients holds regular working meetings every day to review the medical treatment and prevention and control of hospital infection in isolated wards

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