The logistics “national team” has joined hands with China Post express to go overseas and strengthen cross-border e-commerce logistics business

China Post Express Logistics Co., LTD. (” Postexpress “) has entered into a new strategic cooperation with Huamao Logistics, the company announced on February 23 evening.This joint effort to build a strategic cooperative relationship of higher level, deeper level and wider scope is the decision and deployment of both sides to actively implement the CPC Central Committee and The State Council on “accelerating the development of new forms and models of cross-border e-commerce and fostering new drivers of foreign trade”.(image) is derived from the network according to the cooperation agreement, the two sides will in line with the “long-term cooperation, resource sharing, mutual benefit and achieve win-win” principle, through the complementary advantages, business cooperation and jointly promote the global hub, backbone network and port construction, to develop land distribution and two-way group of goods, clearance outside resources sharing.Insiders believe that the in-depth cooperation between the two sides is another practical action aimed at accelerating the cultivation and expansion of modern logistics enterprises with international competitiveness, promoting the high-quality development of China’s logistics industry, better serving the real economy, and fulfilling the mission and responsibility of the logistics “national team”.At the same time, it provides further support for Chinese entity enterprises to participate in the reconstruction of global industrial chain and supply chain system and enhance international competitiveness.It is understood that Postal Express, affiliated to China Post Group, is a comprehensive express logistics service provider with a long history and wide network coverage in China, mainly engaged in domestic express, international express, contract logistics and other businesses, with a world-renowned “EMS” express mail brand and a well-known “CNPL” logistics brand.Postexpress is committed to becoming a large modern express logistics enterprise that continues to lead the Chinese market, has strong comprehensive service capacity, global competitiveness and international development space.Huamao Logistics, a subsidiary of the newly established China Logistics Group, is China’s leading third-party international integrated logistics service provider and international preferred logistics solution provider. With logistics network resources all over the world, huamao Logistics has great influence and competitive advantage in the industry.Its main business includes international air and sea rail freight forwarding, cross-border e-commerce logistics, international engineering logistics, international warehousing logistics, other international comprehensive logistics services, as well as extra-large special and professional logistics.It is reported that in 2021, Huamao Logistics has completed the merger and acquisition of hangzhou Jiacheng International Logistics Co., LTD., a leading domestic FBA enterprise, and strategic investment in Shenzhen Cross-border trade and logistics Supervision center. The cross-border e-commerce logistics sector has completed the strategic layout.It is worth mentioning that postal express and China trade logistics have had a good cooperative relationship before.Beijing Hua ‘an Runtong International Logistics Co., LTD., a subsidiary of Huamao Logistics, is the core service provider of postal express international air freight agency.In the opinion of the foregoing person, the reason for the deepening of the cooperation again is that Postexpress and China Trade Logistics share the same mission, the same strategy, complementary resources and the same culture, especially in the field of international air freight logistics cooperation prospects.It is reported that the cooperation, the two sides will take the common charter way to normalize the operation including but not limited to Europe, the United States and Southeast Asia direction of mail charter, give play to the marketing advantages of both sides, the organization of heavy cargo sources and postal express mail, express reasonable collocation, improve the loading rate, reduce operating costs.(Source: China Securities Journal)

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