On April 1, motor vehicles ushered in the “3+2” policy to benefit the people, each of which is a good regulation for car owners

Please click “follow” before reading, we will provide you with more valuable related content later, thank you for your support.Immediately on April 1, motor vehicles to the new regulations and a driver’s license, points, even, the measures for the administration of road traffic safety behavior score will take effect on April 1st, also once boarded the “out” and can be seen, the attention of many people to it, and the revised version, small expert interpretation is mainly optimization more huimin policy, make drivers more convenient,Among them, the “3+2” motor vehicle regulations, I think it is worth mentioning, each of them is a good regulation for car owners.In the newly revised new driving license regulations, there are some adjustments to the driving test content, driving test age relaxation, license replacement, among which, there are three items for the owners, worth understanding.(1), the scope of medical institutions will expand as the motor vehicle drivers, a medical leave the relationship, and in his driving test, replacement, age more than 70 years of age, needs to be physical, and the original regulations must be medical institutions at or above the county level have a medical qualification, from April 1, will expand to meet the requirements of medical institutions, structure of medical level do not ask,This adjustment, so that the preparation of driving test, ready to replace the license, over 70 years old drivers, will benefit.(2), increase “across the province to do”, “a card to his” projects in recent years driving test new rules, unceasingly in the papers, regional restrictions on “broken”, so that the driver in handling business of time is more convenient, in the new rules, increase the “across the province to do”, “a card to his” project, is more convenient for the owners, benefiting the people.In the new regulation, which was implemented on April 1, it is clear that the driving qualification test can be resumed across provinces, and the driver’s license can be cancelled in other places. In addition, the national “one license test” for large and medium-sized passenger vehicles will be introduced, requiring only a driving license, no other documents, can be registered for the driver’s license test.(3), electronic and sharing to achieve convenient vehicle information network, then let the owner less running errands, April 1, carry out a number of electronic, including the implementation of the electronic driver’s license, driving people electronic collection, single cylinder computerization management, implement the owner to handle traffic services business, can simplify the submitted materials link, achieve the goal of less running errands.In addition, in order to simplify the process, will be implemented including tax, medical institutions, transportation and other departments of information networking, no longer let the owners run a department, need to submit a material, so that the owners of business, save worry, save trouble, less errands.”Road Traffic Safety Law behavior points management method” 2 preferential policies in the implementation of the new method on April 1, adjusted the deduction items, the new deduction points include: 12 points have 7 categories, 9 points 7 categories, 6 points 11 categories, 3 points 15 categories, 1 point 10 categories, let’s look at the specific adjustment, there are 2 preferential policies.(1) type, quasi driving behavior of the 12 points are no longer in both electricity and oil fired at present, whether two rounds or tricycle, big probability is under the status quo of motor vehicles, there will be the driver’s license must drive enough, most of the drivers have C1 driver’s license, and life a lot of models, including electric light, electric, electric tricycle, etc.,Are not in the range of quasi – drive type.For many people, but I don’t know yet ride electric cars may also be a motor vehicle, needs to be penalised, therefore, once the penalty is 12 points and doesn’t even have a chance to regret, but on April 1 in the new rules, the punishment of the quasi driving type from 12 points, adjusted to 9 points, retained the punishment to this kind of behavior, but also for the opportunity.(2), remove without the accessory, carry permits multiple points, although in the new rules, remove a lot of illegal points, but for this one, small connoisseur thinks is practical, in the new rules, deleted on motor vehicle did not place the conformity inspection mark, of insurance mark, not onboard vehicle license, driving license of point-deduction, delete this item,In particular, the deletion of the driver’s license without it is a very good and practical regulation for many people who are not used to carrying a driver’s license.Conclusion:On April 1, the implementation of the law on road traffic safety behavior score management method “and” motor vehicle driving license application and use of the provisions on the revised rules, some optimization adjustment, is convenient and benefiting the people, for the purpose, and do overwork, for the punishment behavior, such as a hit-and-run accident, drunk driving, illegal 12 points for many times, or severe,And for some driving test to simplify the process, optimize the test content, simplify the owners for business and other aspects, it is very people-oriented, let the driver less errands, quickly get the certificate.So, do you think there are any other items that can be adjusted for the new regulations that will come into effect on April 1?Comments are welcome.

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