Inheriting the spirit of “kindness” to carry out serious disease relief Gaozhou People’s Hospital to light up hope for patients in need

“If it were not for the gaozhou People’s Hospital’s ‘kindness to the People’ serious disease relief program, our family would be finished, I sincerely thank the hospital, thank you all kind people.””Lin’s father said gratefully to the medical staff who came to return the call.On February 24, gaozhou People’s Hospital, together with its medical social workers, guangdong Youth Development Foundation and staff, paid a return visit to some of the assisted patients and gave them gifts of sympathy.Condolence to the rescued patients.In order to let more patients with poor also fair to enjoy the health care reform will bring fruitful results, in August 2021, the united youth development foundation of guangdong province, guangzhou gaozhou county people’s hospital of north of liberal social worker, Beijing water mutual insurance technology co., LTD., guangdong medical social work research start “kind people” a serious illness to help the project.So far, the project has successfully helped 21 patients with difficulties, with a total amount of 704,694 yuan.Lin (not her real name) is now seven months old and developing normally.But seven months ago, she was sentenced to death by a hospital because she was seriously ill.She was born prematurely to her mother at 28 weeks gestation. She weighed 0.85kg, almost the size of a newborn kitten, and her thighs were as thick as our adult thumbs, making her a very low birth weight.When sent to the obstetrics department of Gaozhou People’s Hospital, the baby was short of breath and could only rely on a ventilator to maintain life.After the hospital obstetrical medical staff to rescue 50 days, the baby finally recovered and discharged from hospital.The baby’s mother postpartum bleeding, shock, under the hospital to treat rehabilitation hospital discharge, the baby’s grandmother suffering from uremia, every week to dialysis, the daily just by playing casual laborer baby father, for a family to survive is definitely icing on the cake, in order to pay the medical expenses, he borrow money around, of debt in the home, still not all required health costs.When he was at a loss, he turned to the hospital’s medical social workers for help. With the help of social workers, he successfully applied for the hospital’s serious illness relief project and received 13,000 yuan of assistance to solve the urgent needs of the family.On February 24, the visiting staff went to all departments of the hospital and the patients’ homes for field visits to truly understand the patients’ treatment and family conditions, to inquire about their feelings, and to offer consolation goods.A staff member of the Guangdong Youth Development Foundation said that it is meaningful to see so many patients benefiting from the program.In the future, the Foundation will continue to carry out kind-hearted activities to benefit the people, truly improve their quality of life, and better help them integrate into society and benefit society.Ding Xinlin

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