Fu Hu send fu!Come and draw your lucky year of the Tiger!

The Year of the Tiger has arrived!What new wishes did you make?We have specially prepared a lucky sign for you in the Year of the Tiger. We send our best wishes to you!Get your exclusive Year of the Tiger lucky sign!Follow qinhuangdao Tourism, Culture, Radio, Film and Television Bureau wechat reply “Happy Year of the Tiger” can also get your year of the Tiger lucky sign!In the New Year, I wish you everything you want and a better version of yourself!Phase to recommend
Spring Festival is open!Qinhuangdao more than 100 tourism and cultural activities to accompany you to spend the New Year!
In 2022, the first snow in Qinhuangdao, a large wave of real beauty photos to come!
2022, invite you to Spend the New Year in Qinhuangdao!We are an open platform, whether you are local islanders or visitors, you can share your memories and touching moments about this city with us.We are looking forward to witnessing and spreading the beauty of the island with you. Email: qhdly1314@163.com If you have any questions, please add Qin Xiaolu’s personal wechat qhdLY520

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