Yichun city forest fire detachment to carry out the “memory heroes ceaseless glory, cast loyalty and meritorious Linhai” activities

Heilongjiang webex (Chen Yundong The reporter Nan) for the further inheritance and carry forward the patriotic love the party spirit, inspire all the fire rescue personnel to more high morale into the current each work mission, yichun forest fire detachment during the qingming festival organization to carry out the “have heroes persist glory, cast loyalty Lin hai” series of theme activities.On July 29, 1981, when the detachment carried out the flood fighting and rescue mission, Zhang Baochang and more than 30 comrades rushed to the dangerous area, fought in more than 2 meters of deep water for more than one hour, and rescued 7 old people, women and children.When the troops were about to leave, he heard the cries for help from the residents, so he went into the water again, fought hard, and was eventually swept away by the flood due to the deep water and rapid physical exhaustion…”Relying on the team history museum “mold”, the detachment encourages all the staff to draw strength from the moving deeds and noble spirit of heroes in past dynasties.The heroes and martyrs of each period are the pioneers of The Times, the backbone of the nation and the heroes of the motherland. Their spirit will be remembered forever in history.The detachment organized all the staff to carry out the “online memorial to the heroes” activities, to express the highest respect to the heroes, to remember the heroic achievements of the martyrs, to express the infinite memorial and reverence for the heroes.”I volunteer to join the national fire and rescue team, loyal to the Party…”Sonorous and powerful oath resounded through the sky, expressed the fire rescue personnel’s infinite loyalty to the party and the people, firm confidence and determination to fight for the forest fire cause for life.By reviewing the pledge of joining the team and accepting spiritual purification and baptism, we will further encourage all staff to remain true to their original aspiration and remain true to their true colors, and write a magnificent chapter for realizing the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!With the theme of “Remembering the Martyrs and remembering history”, the detachment organized all staff to carry out in-depth reading activities in the form of individual reading, collective reading, discussion and communication.In the soulful reciting sound, all the staff reviewed the first shot of The Chinese people’s anti-japanese struggle from heilongjiang province, to the snowy mountains and grasslands on the long March, and finally to the road of reform and opening up, happiness and well-off life, and the pursuit of the Chinese dream. The wonderful reciting song after song won the applause of the audience.The exploits of martyrs are recorded in history and the spirit of heroes is immortal.Yichun Forest Fire Brigade will follow the footsteps of heroes, inherit the heroic will, with loyalty and adherence, blood and responsibility, strive to play the new era of forest fire paeans.

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