Wang Xifeng’s employing skills

The Chinese classic “A Dream of Red Mansions” unfolds a complex and magnificent picture of Chinese mansion economy for us.The chapter describing economy and economic management is delicate and detailed, which is a living portrait of the transition from feudal economy to capitalism, and has great understanding and inspiration significance for our economic life today.Among them, as rong Guo Fu and Ning Guo Fu big butler Wang Xifeng, its net and the use of talents, can be classically.The twenty-seventh time in the book, described the plot of the little servant girl carbundum beside her discovery of Baoyu.In the book, he wrote: “Sister Ping said that as soon as grandma came out, he took the money away and zhang CAI’s family came to ask for it. They weighed it and took it to him.”Again way: “flat elder sister teaches me to return grandma, just flourishing son comes in to beg grandma’s show below, good 徃 that family goes.Sister Ping followed grandma’s advice and sent him away.”Sister Feng said with a smile: “How did he send it according to my idea?”Hong Yu said, “Sister Ping said, our grandmother sends her best wishes.It is our second uncle who is not at home. Although he is two days late, please rest assured grandma.Wait for five grandma better, our grandma will come to see grandma five grandma.Five grandma sent a person to say, uncle grandma brought a letter to ask grandma hello, and here to find a good pill Yannian God test Wanquan Dan.If you have any, Grandma will send them to our grandma.I’ll take it to my aunt and uncle tomorrow.”I read this quotation several times but couldn’t make it out.So many “grannies”, who are they?Wang Xifeng needed an assistant with a quick tongue, a good memory and a quick reaction.So coincidentally, she accidentally found jia Baoyu’s side of the carbuncle is the most suitable.For she had heard Carbuncle make such a tangled speech.There were so many people in jia’s house, so many relationships, so many generations, that this little girl could explain them as clearly as a monkey shucks corn.Wang Xifeng split second home moved “dig people” of the heart.Want to know, so many years in jia Fu, her big housekeeper which day does not respond like carbuncle, vexed all vexed, she wants to rest.From here, we find that the development of the feudal mansion economy does not lie in the economic law itself, but in its multifarious relations between people.Hong Yu later changed her name to Hong Er because the Chinese character for treasure jade was changed.Who are her parents? The old servant Lin Zhi Xiao and his wife, a pair of “deaf and dumb” people.But for so many years, Wang Xifeng side is such a person!Wang Xifeng is in urgent need of competent management talents.But where to find it?Jia Fu and then the huge China are very difficult to find ah!A mansion and a country talk about the “four Books and five Classics”, practice “benevolence, justice and morality” and do the “eight articles” all day long, but do not talk about business and business culture.Wang Xifeng did not read any books, nor did she do much needlework training.She seems to live for management and money.From the gate into Jia house yu person lue business, from ordinary management staff straight to the butler of the two houses.Later, Jia undertook large-scale economic reforms, focusing on the selection and appointment of personnel.We see this in many episodes in the book.The Lin xiao family is in charge of the Jia Dining hall.When the canteen is short of manpower, she colludes with each other and prepares to employ Qin Xian’s.Qin Xian home are ready to go to work, but Linmen one foot but “yellow”.Although there is no specific reason in the book, it gave hundreds of millions of readers to Wang xifeng’s new standards of employment, employment policy with endless association.Also, jia Tanchun contracted to operate the grand View Garden.Wang Xifeng to Jia House three miss Tanchun contract management grand view garden one by one measures, are agreed, praise.The reason for her approval and appreciation is that she has adhered to the simple bourgeois principle of “use of goods”, namely, everything is valuable and must be treated well.Jia Tanchun opened up the grand View garden and made use of it, calling the abandoned garden red and green, fruitful, and contracting the lotus root, fruit trees, flowers and plants in the garden to the servants with expertise.Jia fu mammy, maids slaves, each has its own strengths, each has its own unique endowments, is jia Tanchun to inventory and shuttle stroked a good, so that they are in their proper place, each show their strengths.Jia Tanchun and Wang Xifeng are similar in their employing skills, which is because their bourgeois concept of material use and distribution are consistent.Wang Xifeng also did it in the later period of Jia’s administration, but was limited to the feudal system and feudal favors.Can not think of the house and “with the voice” of the people, Wang Xifeng feel sincerely gratified!Known as the “son of European civilization”, weber, a great encyclopedic scholar, pointed out in his book Economy and Society 100 years ago (a Dream of Red Chambers was written more than 300 years ago) that it is the institutional reasons behind people’s actions that determine them.That is what Ms Wang and her Allies are searching for to stimulate the economy and change the mansion economy.To change all this, the first thing to change is people, who have to be prepared for the development of capitalism.

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