Macao police crack cross-border prostitution case: 8 men and women arrested, more than 20,000 condoms seized

Recently, the Judicial Police Department of the Macao SAR government (hereinafter referred to as the Police Department) has cracked a cross-border prostitution syndicate led by local people.On February 21, Nandu reporters learned from the Macao Police department that the police arrested eight local men and women, including a Macao civil servant, and took 29 mainland women away for investigation. In addition, more than 20,000 condoms were also seized.The prostitution ring was accused of profiting from advertisements on online forums inviting women from the mainland to Macao to provide sex.The case has been transferred to the Macao SAR Procuratorate for investigation.Department police held on February 21, conference, said the bureau since 2020, received many complaints to report, content to a the zhuhai-macau cross-border prostitution ring both establish multiple WeChat group attract prostitution woman, and use the BBS online porn the tactics advertisements, then arrange prostitution woman from mainland China to macau hotel provide sexual services to clients.The Macao police found that the prostitution ring was composed of a number of Macao residents and mainland residents with a clear division of labor, which was divided into the main brain, backbone and offline members.In view of its highly organized, cross-border and networked characteristics, the Department of Police immediately conducted information exchange with zhuhai Public Security Bureau through the Zhuhai-Macao police liaison mechanism.Eight suspects aged between 33 and 67, all Macao residents, including one man who is a civil servant, were arrested on February 20.Meanwhile, 29 mainland prostitutes aged between 26 and 52 were brought back for investigation in two macau liquor stores.In addition, the police also seized the suspected proceeds of the crime of $240,000 patacas and a large quantity of prostitution items, including more than 20,000 condoms and a large number of disposable towels.A police spokesman said police believed the cross-border prostitution ring had been operating for three years.The head of the group opened several wechat groups, and the women recruited to Macao for prostitution were required to pay a “membership fee” ranging from 100 to 300 yuan, and each time they completed the sex trade, they were required to pay dozens to hundreds of yuan in “red envelopes” to the criminal group.As for the actual income of the criminal group and whether there are still other people involved in the crime and other issues remain to be further clarified.At present, the department of police on 8 local men and women involved in the crime of criminal group and prostitution manipulation, and will be handed over to the Procuratorate together with 29 prostitution women.Writing: Nandu student reporter Huang Jiafeng

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