Build an ecosystem to help small, medium and micro CMBC to hold “Wanyang Group Park Linkage Service Symposium”

On March 10, MINsheng Bank joined hands with wanyang Group, China Union Pay, China International Technology And Intelligence Cooperation Group, Huawei, JINGdong, Helka Osz Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. and other partners to hold the “Wanyang Group Park Linkage Service Symposium” in 15 cities including Beijing and Wenzhou in the way of “on-site + cloud”.Under the theme of jointly building a service ecosystem, facilitating the construction and operation of the park and the development of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, the “Wanyang · People’s Livelihood Park Cooperation Program” has been issued, and the “Wanyang · People’s Livelihood Park Bank-Enterprise Empowerment Action” has been launched to help small, medium and small businesses and serve new citizens.More than 4,000 representatives from all parties and enterprises in the park attended the conference through online and offline participation.As the first national joint-stock commercial bank mainly initiated and established by private enterprises, CMBC has always adhered to the strategic positioning of “the bank of private enterprises”, continued to deepen the financial services for small, medium and micro enterprises, and formed a good reputation and market image.Since 2020, CMBC has focused on the integration of large, medium and micro services, continuously improving the service quality and efficiency of private enterprises and the real economy, exploring practice and innovation to build a customer service ecosystem, and cooperating with strategic partners to serve small, medium and micro enterprises.On this basis, CMBC further adjusted and optimized its marketing service system, enriched its product service system, integrated its online service channels, and increased its financial support to small, medium and micro enterprises.By the end of 2021, the scale of small and micro loans of CMBC has exceeded 600 billion yuan, and more than 1.2 million small and micro enterprises have issued loans of more than 5 trillion yuan.Industrial parks are fertile soil for the growth of small, medium and micro enterprises, and also one of the important carriers of regional economic transformation.CMBC has been taking action to support the development of industrial parks and serve the real economy.On the basis of preliminary exploration and practice, in 2021, CMBC launched seven series of products and services for people’s livelihood, namely, “Covering the whole development cycle of the park, serving the whole ecology of the park operation, and deepening the demand scene of the park”, which not only serve the development and construction of the park, but also serve the small, medium and micro enterprises in the park.It not only focuses on improving the capacity of serving the park and micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, but also strives to gather ecological partners and provide diversified services for the park and micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.At the same time, CMBC has organized and carried out the theme activity of “Making the Park easier for people’s Livelihood, Making the Park a Better place for Thousands of Miles” nationwide to enrich the service connotation of small, medium and micro enterprises and support the high-quality development of regional economy with the comprehensive service of the park as the carrier.By the end of February 2022, CMBC has carried out 302 activities in total, covering 475 parks in 33 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and nearly 280,000 enterprises, gradually establishing the brand image of financial services in industrial parks.Wanyang Group is the leading manufacturing agglomeration platform operator and sme cluster service provider in China. It has established the Wanyang mode of “industrial agglomeration, industry-city integration, resource sharing and industry-finance interaction”, and invested and built a series of innovation cities in the Yangtze River Delta and pearl River Delta.The cooperation between CMBC and Wanyang Group began in 2020. Based on the same original aspiration and mission, the cooperation between the two sides has progressed from point to point and from shallow to deep, creating a path of strategic mutual trust and win-win cooperation.Based on the strategy of Wan Yang group identity and understanding demand, minsheng bank aggregate many ecological partners, around the park all kinds of main body of the scene, differentiation, more innovation introduced integration, the platform, the transition, the four services of digital solutions, including: “yi garden”, to provide the park development construction of one-stop services;”Garden Easy camp” provides solutions for the informatization and intelligent management of the park;”Yuanyi Exhibition” can meet all kinds of financial service needs of enterprises in the park.”Park Easy enjoy”, relying on the park “ecological alliance”, serves the efficient operation needs of enterprises in the park.In the future, minsheng bank will firmly “Banks to the private enterprise, agile open bank, whole-hearted service bank” strategic positioning, adhere to the idea of “to guest of honour”, adhere to the service is supreme, agile open, innovation and development, completes the park comprehensive financial services firm “endeavour”, firmly completes the “booster” of the development of the industrial park,Firm ready and ecological park enterprises partners “is intimate friends the bridge”, striving to bring more business, more service into service Wan Yang, service park, ecological enterprises in the park, to put financial precise drip into living water park all kinds of main body, fu to economic development, to the park for micro, small and medium enterprises growth power, more power for the entity economy development.

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