“Back-to-school economy” heating up needs rational consumption

As the new school year approaches, parents are stocking up for their children.School to buy buy buy, on the one hand may increase family economic pressure;On the other hand, it is also related to the cultivation of students’ thrifty and rational consumption concept.How to face the “back-to-school economy” scientifically and reasonably? Let’s listen to what children and parents say.Today, school supplies update iteration faster and faster.In Simao City area, the sales of various stationery, digital products, bags and other goods are heating up with the arrival of the new school season, and various promotional activities are also sought after by parents and students.Li Xingle and Zhu Yichen, junior middle school students, are choosing stationery. They say they buy some school supplies every new semester.In the past, those gorgeous notebook, special style writing pen can always attract their eyes, let them can not help but “buy buy buy”.But now they have learned to spend wisely.Citizen Li Xingle: Like before, when I came to the bookstore and saw beautiful notebooks, I would buy them in piles and piles, and even if I didn’t use them up, I would pile them up at home. Now I am in junior middle school, and I only buy them before the school starts. I will not buy so many useless notebooks irrationally like before.Citizen Zhu Yichen: when school starts, I will check my schoolbag. If the schoolbag is not rotten and can be used, I will continue to carry it. My schoolbag has been carried for one or two years now, and has not been changed.Reporters learned that today, parents and students in the choice of school supplies more favor the practicality of products, rational consumption occupy the mainstream.Citizen Zhou Xuan: Before school started, I would stock up a batch of Chinese crossword boxes, like pencils and pens, and buy them box by box. Now I will buy them according to his needs and when he needs them.The back-to-school economy has spawned a consumer boom, and for most families, spending on their children’s education is “affordable”.However, some of the irrational consumption behavior caused by this has virtually also encouraged children to compare with the Joneses, vanity psychology, the formation of a wrong concept of consumption.Compared with expensive school supplies, correct values and frugal simplicity are more conducive to the healthy growth of children.The back-to-school season is also an opportunity for consumption education and self-care education. Parents should seize this opportunity to set an example of consumption and financial management for their children through their rational consumption and give them a good first lesson in school.It is also the best and most effective expression of love for your child.

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